Practice Groups
The Lifeblood of the Network

Our 29 Practice Groups form an important part of the Mackrell International ecosystem.

Our Practice Groups are centres of legal excellence, insight and debate – they are open to all legal professionals across the network, so up-and-coming lawyers can contribute and learn from those with more experience.  Many PG Heads bring in guest-speakers and sector experts to add value and spark further discussion.  They are the perfect place to make connections and broaden your network.

Some of our PGs are in the key, global areas you’d expect, M&A and Corporate, Employment/Labor, Family Law, Litigation, Bankruptcy & Insolvency – but the beauty of an evolving and agile network like Mackrell International is that we regularly add and develop more cutting-edge groups and group within groups so we can respond to emerging trends for clients. 

The PGs hold quarterly meetings so lawyers in the same field can connect across time-zones and continents, but also host webinars and round-tables.  They also feature regularly in MI’s ‘Bite-Sized Business’ initiative, providing manageable and useful snippets of insight for clients globally.

Just email and we’ll get you added to a group and make introductions for you.