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Each MI Practice Group represents a centre of global excellence in its specific area. Lawyers in these groups work together on client assignments all over the world – see Success Stories - to exchange best practice and develop a shared response to emerging trends to share with the clients, the groups also regularly meet in person and online. They will also respond to significant world events with a global impact such as environmental disasters. Some groups hold complimentary webinars that you are welcome to join.

Please email to register your interest.

If you're after a particular expert in a particular country or countries, please contact the group leader who will be happy to put you in touch with the right person.

Looking for a PG to join? Here is the List of Practice Groups, Leaders and Participants

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  • Practice Groups, Leaders and Participants

  • Antitrust & Competition

    Team Leader: Benjamin Grebe

    As breach of competition and antitrust law has become a serious and potentially catastrophic issue for businesses of all shapes and sizes, so MI has built a substantial global network of experts on standby to act at any time. Choosing MI Antitrust and Competition Group gives you instant access to the right people, on the ground, in your choice of 60 countries. These specialists offer a broad range of experience prosecuting and defending private antitrust and competition lawsuits, responding to civil and criminal investigations by national and local enforcement authorities, providing antitrust counselling to businesses, and preparing and implementing antitrust compliance programs. They also advise on transactional competition issues relating to mergers and acquisitions.

    Contact Benjamin Grebe

  • Arbitration & Mediation

    Statement of Intent

    The focus of this PG is the creation of opportunities and platforms to facilitate profitability of arbitration practices across Mackrell International.

    One crucial source of opportunities for the international arbitration practices in our network (which other networks with larger firms, or large international law firms may not enjoy) is the ability to act against major institutional parties. Such parties are enforcement-worthy, which is of great interest to major third party funders, many of whom now are in “money chasing disputes” mode. Apart from organising sessions with a few major third party funders (separately) with interested member firms to let us know the funders’ offerings and individual positioning, a significant longer-term project would be to get a third party fund (or two) to earmark a discrete sum (say, US$20 million) toward funding meritorious claims by member firms’ clients. The success of this venture depends greatly on the funders’ business analysis. I would like to play the role of facilitator to shape the discussion between us and the third party funders to allow them to come to such a decision. I intend to kickstart this with a session with a third party funder in Q1 2021.

    Another crucial source of opportunities – to be approached with more sensitivity – is in the cross-selling of member firms’ international arbitration capabilities to sector-specific clients of member firms in sectors and industries that traditionally see much arbitration, e.g. energy, construction, commodities, marine. The executability of this enterprise depends very much on these sector-specific PGs (and their constituent stakeholders) seeing value to cross-referring their clientele. For this, a conversation has to be initiated and kept ongoing between the International Arbitration PG and the other PGs. I would welcome thoughts on how such a conversation is to be shaped and sustained, with an intended milestone of having a first round in Q1 2021, with an interested PG that I would ask the MI Directorate to suggest.

    Through the process, other opportunities that benefit the network may well be surfaced, which I will flag out to the MI Directorate for consideration as to how they can be shaped and exploited. The hope is that the International Arbitration PG will be seen front and centre as a source of good and opportunities for other PGs, and constituents therein.

    Contact Arvin Lee

  • Aviation and Aerospace

    Team Leader: Şafak Herdem

    The mission of the Aviation & Aerospace Practice Group is to provide a forum for aviation & aerospace lawyers and legal professionals having interest in this practice.

    The Group seeks to promote the interchange of information and knowledge spanning a broad array of different business dynamics and to place an emphasis on meeting regulatory and transactional issues in their practices in a wide range of issues legal issues.

    Aviation & Aerospace Practice Group offers a vision in a way that each each practice area of law finds something consistent with its scope.


    Watch our webinar on The Principles of Aircraft Leasing

    Read our white paper: The effect of Covid on the Aviation Industry - Turkey

  • Banking and Finance

    Team Leader: Dr. Louis Roensberg
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency

    Team Leader: Raymond Patella

    In distressed situations, speed and efficiency are at a premium.

    MI’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Practice Group can put together a tailored cross-border team to work swiftly and effectively for representation in all affected jurisdictions.

    Whether a highly regulated formal proceeding, an unregulated corporate restructuring, informal creditor workout or debt adjustment plan, MI’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency members can be relied upon for their jurisdiction expertise, knowledge of local statutory or regulatory schemes, awareness of local practices and access to skilled resources.

    Practitioners have represented lending institutions, secured creditors, formal and informal committees, trustees and other fiduciaries, borrowers and asset purchasers. They have served as appointed court officials including Receivers, Trustees and Examiners. Because of their global access to other experts, this group can form integrated teams of other disciplines including corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and intellectual property.


    With many governments around the world propping up their economies through the pandemic, Bankruptcy and Insolvency provisions have been temporarily altered in many jurisdictions. A selection of our bankruptcy and insolvency experts in Asia Pacific have highlighted the measures taken in their country.

    To download the full document click here

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

    Team Leader: Darlene Chiang

    In the last three years, “Blockchain” technology has attracted entrepreneurs, engineers, venture capitalists and bankers pouring their time, energy, and money into cryptocurrency-related business. There are endless possibilities for blockchain – from securities and commodities trading, to supply chain, to IP rights, to identity management and security, to real estate to government services, just to name a few. Many industries will be disrupted by blockchain - our future will definitely include it.

    Attorneys from our Blockchain and Cryptocurrency practice group hail from jurisdictions like Singapore, Serbia, Italy, Hong Kong, Colombia, Ghana, US and UK. They navigate clients who are key players in the blockchain ecosystem, through the complex and uncertain business and regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies and other crypto-assets across the world.

    Clients will benefit from a multi-jurisdiction network of expertise from lawyers with regulatory, corporate, real estate, tax, technology, data protection and privacy, banking, merger and acquisition and securities law experiences - as well as being familiar with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

    What's the big deal with Bitcoin, anyway? Andrew Updegrove of Gesmer Updegove talks to Justin Swanson of Bose McKinney & Evans LLP.

  • Cannabis

    The pharmaceutical and recreational cannabis industry is valued at USD$170 billion. This is estimated to increase to USD$272 billion by 2028.

    With legalisation increasing and public perception improving throughout the world, the cannabis industry is increasingly more dependent on law firms providing clear, practical advice, underpinned by proven knowledge of the industry.

    The fact that we have a high level of local expertise on a global scale puts us in a class of 1, so we should capitalise on this.

    The purpose of this M.I. Practice group is to:

    Highlight developments in legislation that will impact on our respective clients and cases

    Discuss the global trends of the industry

    Identify and agree on a network of trusted referral partners (such as MGI)

    Identify joint opportunities for:

    Attending and presenting at trade shows

    Cross referrals to support our clients’ needs and development

    M.I. joint ventures to secure new business Click here to read the Chambers Medical Cannabis & Cannabinoid Regulation 2021 co-authored by MI Member Firm Mackrell.Solicitors

  • Construction

    Team Leader: John Scheef

    From large scale construction projects to moderate expansion plans and basic residential work, MI’s worldwide Construction Practice Group offers experts on the ground in 160 cities across 60 countries. Group members are familiar with all aspects of construction law in their jurisdiction including regulation, real estate, contracts, employment and litigation. They are also familiar with the local terrain, local laws and local contacts including specialist professionals.

    Contact John Scheef

  • Employment

    Team Leader: David Dubberly

    Employers worldwide need timely legal advice on preventative risk counselling, labour relations, union avoidance and compliance issues. They are also required to stay abreast of increasingly complex country, local, state and federal employments laws. The MI Employment Practice Group advises on all aspects of employment law and litigation anywhere in the world. Practitioners cover all global jurisdictions and have tried cases in country, state and federal courts and tribunals. Many members regularly arbitrate employment matters. To keep up to date on emerging legal developments, clients and contacts are welcome to join the group’s regular webinars on topical employment law issues.

    Covid-19 Employment Advice and Resources from Member Firms

    Contact David Dubberly,

  • Energy and Natural Resources

    Team Leader: Paul Heyburn

    Today’s energy market is dynamic and fraught with risk. Opportunities and threats to clients in the energy sector can come from anywhere in the world at any time. MI’s Energy and Natural Resources Practice Group comprises exceptional and specialist lawyers in 60 countries who use their collective strength, industry knowledge and global reach to keep clients informed of critical legal trends and issues.

    Contact Paul Heyburn. and Paul Rutisya

  • Environmental

    Environmental issues demand local expertise, access to local consultants and experts and often in more than one jurisdiction. MI’s Environmental Practice Group is well placed to provide that expertise across 60 countries and all members offer access to the best local consultants and experts. Group members are experts in waste, air and water pollution, protection of wildlife and natural habitat. Many have received the highest possible peer and professional recognition and frequently work together across different jurisdictions.

    Attorney Barbara Rodriguez-Pashkowski highlights the environmental legal and business advice available at Gust Rosenfeld, Mackrell International member for Arizona

    Presentation on Environmental Risk, Mitigation, Compliance and Corporate Governance – Gonzalo Vargas, member firm Gonzalez Calvillo, Mexico along with guest speaker Ruben Flores

  • Estates and Trusts

    Team Leader: Lorraine Cavataio

    Estate and trust planning has rapidly moved beyond being a domestic matter and increasingly involves cross-border, often complex, issues that impact upon a growing number of people. At the same time, the arrival of digital assets presents uncharted challenges.

    MI’s Estates and Trusts group gives you access to an unrivalled collection of experts from the network’s 90 firms to advise on estate planning, estate and trust administration, charitable planning, off-shore trusts, international tax planning and estate and trust litigation.

    Members can work globally on effective planning or dispute resolution.

    Contact: Lorraine K Cavataio at

  • Family

    Team Leader: Alison Green

    Today’s family units take various formats and often have international needs. The MI Family Law Practice Group can be the first point of reference for all domestic and international family relationship needs. Choosing to work with an MI member gives you instant access to a network of global lawyers with a shared commitment to personal service. The group frequently works on cross border assignments including the preparation of pre and post marriage agreements where the parties to the union are seeking to protect assets at home and abroad and where such agreements need to be recognised and valid in more than one country. Members can advise on the most beneficial jurisdiction to issue divorce proceedings, the service of proceedings overseas, valuation of assets and enforcement of overseas judgments. The group is also experienced in protecting and enforcing children's rights often calling on connections to local counsellors, mediators and arbitrators. MI Family Group can access related global legal experts in corporate, property, pensions and tax.

    Contact Alison Green,

  • Global Privacy & Data Security

    Clients of all shapes and sizes anywhere in the world must comply with international data privacy legislation. MI’s Privacy & Data Security Practice Group comprises experts in data privacy laws of 60 countries who can advise on the implementation of global policies and programs, data transfers, data breach response, compliance and best practice, marketing and all aspects of electronic and mobile commerce.

    Here Alex Koskey, data and privacy expert at Baker Donelson, Atlanta, USA highlights the need for increased transparency from companies about cyber-security in their annual reporting.

    International legal experts from the Data-Privacy Practice Group combined to provide businesses with invaluable insight about cyber-security.
    Here’s a Summary of part of their discussions

    Here are clips from our ‘Bite Size Business’ series:

    Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) for companies

    Life post Schrems


    Mackrell International Global Data Protection and Privacy Guide

    As more of our confidential personal information has become digitized, data privacy laws are taking on greater importance, requiring businesses to ensure they have the right tools in place to protect and secure personal information collected from consumers.

    Compliance with data protection and data privacy laws is essential for businesses, both legally and to reputation – particularly in circumstances where a business is responding to a loss of data or security breach.

    The laws relating to data protection and data privacy vary considerably from country to country, so having a clear and up-to-date understanding of the relevant laws and compliance requirements is essential – even more so when entities collect personal information from or about persons in several different countries because different laws and requirements will apply depending on where individuals reside.

    The Mackrell International Global Data Protection and Privacy Guide is designed to provide convenient references to the primary data protection laws applicable in multiple countries and the contact details for highly skilled legal practitioners who can assist in each country.

    PRC Personal Information Protection Law

    The long-awaited “PRC Personal Information Protection Law” (PIPL) was finally unveiled on August 20, 2021 and will take effect on November 1, 2021. As the last piece of the Chinese legislative trilogy in data protection area (after “Cyber Security Law” (CSL) in 2016 and “Data Security Law” (DSL) earlier this year), this legislative milestone will have immediate and lasting impact on the data protection in China.

    PRC Personal Information Protection Law Guideis a summary of the new law intended to offer you an overview of some key aspects prepared for you by Jun YANG of our Chinese Member Firm, Jade & Fountain

    Team Leaders: Tracy Marshall and Paul Motion

  • Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

    Clients operating in the hospitality, travel and tourism sector are subject to complex legal duties and need advice from lawyers who understand their particular challenges. The MI Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism Group advises the full range of organisations in this sector on general operations, regulatory concerns, litigation, real estate development, labour and employment matters, corporate and commercial (including supply chain), antitrust issues, franchise agreements and personal injury.

    Contact Mary Alyce Cox

  • Immigration

    While sovereign states constantly refine their definitions of who can enter a particular country and for what purpose, the national practice of immigration law has been transformed into a global compliance practice. MI’s Immigration Group works with clients to develop global migration plans by maximizing compliance with regulatory schemes and minimizing the time and effort involved in moving human capital around the world. Practitioners also advise on immigration issues arising from the significant increases in migration of family members, retirees, entrepreneurial investors, refugees and students. MI immigration lawyers are also consulted about on cross-border investments, acquisitions, joint ventures, tax, benefits, insurance, and other labour issues associated with the movement of individuals across national borders.

    Contact group leaders: David Garrett and David Robinson at

  • Insurance

    Team Leader: Gunnar Hjertquist

    The MI Insurance Practice Group represents insurance and reinsurance companies, brokers, financial advisers and underwriters all over the world in the full range of litigation matters in national, federal and state courts, alternative dispute resolution procedures, corporate transactions (including mergers and acquisitions), public and private financings, restructurings and reorganizations. A global reach across 60 countries with the local knowledge to apply the regulatory, economic, cultural and political context, members can quickly advise on the legal issues facing the client and develop appropriate and effective strategies.

    Contact group leader Gunnar Hjertquist -

  • Intellectual Property

    Team Leader: Arpita Dutta

    As intellectual property assets including patents, trademarks or copyrights have become increasingly tangible and therefore valuable to organisations, so has their protection, management and defence in the face of infringement. The MI Intellectual Property Practice Group is well placed to provide country and sector specific advice on the protection, management and defence of global IP in 60 countries.

    Contact: Arpita Dutta

    Listen to the IP Team's latest Webinar: Pandemic Aftermath: shield your IP in this digital era

  • Litigation

    Team Leader: Gregory M. Bergman

    From resolving highly complex litigation challenges to routine business problems, MI’s formidable Litigation Practice Group advises clients on dispute resolution on a global and country specific scale. Many members are recognised by peers and leading authorities in their respective jurisdictions for excellence as civil litigators and trial lawyers in courts and tribunals throughout the world. Because of their expertise, the group holds regular client webinars on topical, often industry-focused, litigation issues.

    Attorney Barbara Rodriguez-Pashkowski highlights the environmental legal and business advice available at Gust Rosenfeld, Mackrell International member for Arizona

    Contact Greg Bergman,

  • M & A

    Team Leader: Keith Provins

    Clients choosing MI’s Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group benefit from access to a global team of corporate lawyers in 60 countries. Group members are specialists in their jurisdiction’s particular company and corporate finance laws relating to public and private ownership. Local knowledge means they also introduce local specialists. Members can also call upon expertise in related disciplines including competition, employment, banking, taxation and intellectual property.

    Contact Keith Provins

  • Real Estate

    From all aspects of multi-jurisdictional commercial property management to the buying and selling of residential properties, MI’s Real Estate Group offers experts on the ground in 60 countries. The group can advise on global or country specific matters in all real estate disciplines including acquisition and disposal, construction contracts, development, planning, tax, environment, investment, litigation, rentals and lettings.

    EMEA Real Estate Contact List

  • Regulatory

    Clients seeking advice on meeting their country and global regulatory requirements can call upon the expertise of MI’s Regulatory Practice Group. The group includes experts in environmental law, food and drug law, telecommunications law, chemical control, health care, product safety, and competition law all across 60 countries. In the event of litigation, they are also experienced in defending regulatory prosecutions and can advise on the handling of public inquiries and investigations.

    Contact: Juan Pablo Riesco

  • Space

    Team Leader: Şafak Herdem

    The space industry is reinventing itself. Like any sector, outer space is affected by globalization and privatization and many private businesses are actively participating in this area and setting new milestones. The growth in the number of satellites in space has been exponential. They are increasingly smaller, hover closer to Earth, are privately operated and launched and deployed for a host of reasons that were unimaginable a decade ago. From providing internet connectivity to Earth-imaging , this emerging generation of satellites presents new legal and regulatory challenges in this brave new world.

    Demand for these services is soaring worldwide, with satellite data, imaging and space technology being used across many sectors. To meet this rising demand, many space agencies will have to expand significantly, providing further opportunities for legal and business advice. Whilst this sector has huge potential, it is heavily regulated and so needs legal intervention.

    ‘Space Lawyers’ get involved in litigation, regulatory issues, policy drafting and insurance disputes. Our Aerospace/Aviation lawyers also advise on corporate, commercial and finance matters to support growing business needs. As the sector expands, the need for clear IP law is also evident.

    Mackrell International Lawyers are building collaboration and connectivity in this fast-growing and ever-evolving sector; their broad and deep expertise and global links allows clients exploring investment and business opportunities in ‘the final frontier’ to get the best legal advice.

    Contact: Şafak Herdem

  • Sports

    Scott Tarter is a partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tarter’s practice focuses on corporate mergers and acquisitions, business and commercial law. He represents a large number of professional athletes, teams, sponsors, marketing and branding agencies, sports agents and various suppliers. Tarter is also the founder and CEO of The Dropping Dimes Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports former professional athletes from the 1960s and 70s, who are enduring medical and financial hardship.

    Bose McKinney & Evans LLP’s entertainment and sports lawyers routinely advise on matters relating to professional motorsports at all levels, professional football (American style gridiron….i.e., very little actual “foot”!), professional baseball and professional basketball. The attorneys represent teams, individual athletes, sanctioning bodies, municipal bodies, sponsors, branding partners and a broad range of additional participants along the sports landscape. From strategic growth and acquisitions, intellectual property rights and branding, to individual estate and wealth management planning, and most everything else in between, we aim to provide the coverage.

    Mohit Pasricha is a solicitor at Mackrell Turner Garrett in London. A specialist in corporate and commercial law, he applies this experience advising on all legal aspects of the sports industry – representing individual athletes, teams, clubs, sport management agencies and sports brands.

    Mackrell Turner Garrett’s sports practice focuses its advice currently on four major sports – football (soccer!), rugby, boxing and motorsport – and is also now expanding into other arenas.

    The firms’ sports law practice currently represents a diverse range of clients, from young and upcoming sportspeople – providing pastoral care and legal guidance - to one of Forbes’ World's Highest-Paid Athletes 2018 looking to protect and expand their sporting empire - to those sporting legends who are seeking new opportunities in the twilights of their careers – to clubs and teams needing overall legal help and assistance.

    The Sports & Entertainment Law Practice Group offers existing and prospective sporting/entertainment clients not only advice relating to their professional careers – such as representation contracts, intellectual property advice, commercial agreements and advice on all other aspects of law relevant to their country – but will present MI members the opportunity to cross-sell their other legal practice areas.

    Many sporting and entertainment entities, be they individuals or companies, are global in nature, and there is clearly potential for successful referrals across the MI network to be made – ensuring that they are in safe hands wherever in the world they may be.

    Participation within the Sports & Entertainment Law Practice Group offers MI members not only the opportunity to showcase their sports and entertainment work on a global scale, and thus generate referrals, but also to have an exciting platform upon which to collaborate on new cross-border content, demonstrating MI’s ability to deliver the highest standard of legal services in the sports and entertainment world – knocking out the competition!

  • Technology

    In an industry changing at a rapid pace and with globalisation making it easy to market products worldwide, technology companies of all types and sizes need access to global cost-efficient legal advice. MI’s 200-strong Technology Practice Group specialises in all aspects of technology law and regulations affecting businesses based on technology including IT and telecoms, biotechnology, e-health and medical devices, food technology and manufacturing. Expertise in demand includes IP protection, patent litigation, privacy and data security, agreements and licensing issues. MI can help you find a local team in a specific country or, if faced with multi-jurisdictional issues, MI can quickly assemble an international legal team tailored to your business needs.

    Contact: Ferdinand Prinz Zur Lippe

  • White Collar Crime

    Team Leader: Lourdes Sanchez-Ridge

    The MI White Collar Crime Practice Group plans to convene interested members worldwide on a regular basis to assess the latest news in this exciting discipline from the perspective of how best to preempt problems for our clients through the development of compliance programs, education and training.

    Our goal, should our clients face enforcement from an increasingly coordinated worldwide community of nations, would be to organize and develop strategies that can be employed to mitigate negative outcomes for individuals and entities. In those infrequent circumstances, where administrative enforcement occurs or civil and criminal litigation is a real possibility, we will tackle the best strategies and the most advantageous postures that may be utilized to obtain favorable results for our clients. These ambitious objectives will be part of the regular agenda for the newly reconstituted White Collar Crime Practice Group.

    For further information contact Lourdes Sánchez-Ridge

  • Worker's Compensation

    Team Leader: Joanne Prescott

    Employers worldwide require aggressive and cost-effective representation that is tailored to the individual needs of their businesses.

    Our MI team is comprised of experienced and thoughtful attorneys who have the ability to assist in all aspects, including safety training, assistance with claim reporting, and defense of claims including trial, settlement and appeals in each jurisdiction.

    Our team remains on the cutting edge of relevant laws, with the ability to provide timely and accurate advice in the ever-changing legal environment.