Our 27 Practice Groups form an important part of the Mackrell International ecosystem.

They are centres of legal excellence and insight and can be hotbeds of debate – the best thing about them is they are open to all legal professionals across the network, so junior and next-generation lawyers can contribute and learn from those with more experience.  Cross-jurisdictional insight is rife and many PG Heads actively bring in guest-speakers and sector experts for added value and to spark further discussion.  They are the perfect place to make connections and broaden your network within a network.

Some of our PGs are in the key, global areas you’d expect, M&A and Corporate, Employment/Labor, Family Law, Litigation, Bankruptcy & Insolvency – but the beauty of an evolving and agile network like Mackrell International is that we regularly add and develop more cutting-edge groups and group within groups so we can respond to emerging trends for clients. 

So, we regularly gather the experts and the curious in, for instance: Cannabis and CBD Law, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Sports, E-sports and Media and Environmental Law – and we have groups looking at start-ups, IP incubators and accelerators, Aviation and even Space Law.

The PGs hold quarterly meetings so lawyers in the same field can connect across time-zones and continents, but also host webinars and round-tables.  They also feature regularly in MI’s ‘Bite-Sized Business’ initiative, providing manageable and useful snippets of insight for clients globally.

Looking for a PG to join? Below is the List of Practice Groups, Leaders and Participants.

Just email mackrell.hq@mackrell.net and we’ll get you added to a group and make introductions for you.