The Banking and Finance PG aims to foster:

  • the acquaintance and exchange of experience and knowledge among the MI’s lawyers specialised in the areas of banking, finance, payment, and anti-money laundering law,

  • the referral of new clients, and

  • the exchange of information on new business opportunities.

If any member requires an up to date list of this PG Participants please contact MI HQ -



  1. Webinar

    Webinar: The New Anti-Money Laundering Package

    15th February 2024, 2.30-3.30pm (GMT)

    Thursday 15 Feb 2024, at 14:30

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  2. News

    Is it AI (Artificial Intelligence) or more like AH, Augmented Humanity?

    AI copes well with complexity and non-linear relationships and it adapts quickly…
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