Today’s family units take various formats and often have international needs. The MI Family Law Practice Group can be the first point of reference for all domestic and international family relationship needs. Choosing to work with an MI member gives you instant access to a network of global lawyers with a shared commitment to personal service.

The group frequently works on cross border assignments including the preparation of pre and post marriage agreements where the parties to the union are seeking to protect assets at home and abroad and where such agreements need to be recognised and valid in more than one country.

Members can advise on the most beneficial jurisdiction to issue divorce proceedings, the service of proceedings overseas, valuation of assets and enforcement of overseas judgments.

The group is also experienced in protecting and enforcing children's rights often calling on connections to local counsellors, mediators and arbitrators. The MI Family Group can access related global legal experts in corporate, property, pension and tax law.

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    “No-fault” Divorce – What you need to know

    Written by Alison Green and Melissa Doherty of Mackrell Solicitors