The big deal for you

The big deal about becoming a Mackrell International member firm – or engaging one of our law firms as a client – is that you seamlessly slip into a strongly connected, trusted network that will rally to you and offer the help you need, wherever you are in the world.

And we’ve been providing that for more than 30 years, so we definitely have the experience and the long-forged relationships you can rely on.

Extensive resources to help you

Our international resources amount to around 4,500 high-calibre lawyers worldwide in 100 key cities – so, as a client, it’s like having access to a top, global law firm, but one that is more agile and quicker to respond, more locally expert and more cost-effective.

As a member firm, you plug into the same resources – an expert peer group with shared values and a common purpose to support each other and offer the best service to clients. 

It’s a peer group where firms are robustly vetted before joining (in a structured process) and are reviewed bi-annually to maintain standards.  That benefits us all – and our clients.

What’s extra special

What’s also special about the Mackrell International network is that our agility constantly creates new opportunities – it allows us to specialise in fast-developing business areas like Cannabis and CBD Law, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Fintech and 5G, business start-ups and incubators, as well as being on the cutting edge of ever-evolving critical areas like cybersecurity, IP and trademarks and data-privacy. 

We are constantly coming up with new ideas to connect our firms and individuals so we can advise clients better. 

And all this sits alongside the core legal skills you’d expect from high-quality, full-service law firms.

How our ecosystem benefits you

With the launch of a series of regional next-generation programmes to engage and educate all lawyers, but particularly up-and-coming ones, a vibrant Women’s Group, joint business initiatives with fellow accountancy network MGI Worldwide, an entrepreneur’s forum and a global Managing Partner one, we reach deep and broad to create insight and opportunity.

You just need to plug in.

Whether you’re a law firm considering becoming part of our legal ‘family’ – or an international client needing some advice or tendering for services in multiple jurisdictions, do get in touch:

Corporate Social Responsibility

From challenging bike rides to setting up orphanages in Africa and supporting UNICEF via our unique Connect the World Challenge’, MI member firms and lawyers demonstrate a generous commitment to a wide range of corporate social responsibility and pro-bono projects all over the world.  Each firm runs its own CSR programme and because of their success and profile in their home cities, many firms are closely involved with their local communities, but as a network, we come together annually to make a difference for those in need.