Mackrell International’s Management Team works like any other board or committee running a global professional services operation. The team works to ensure best practice in all key areas and to deliver client coverage across the world in EMEA, The Americas and Asia-Pacific. The Management Team meets regularly at the network's regional events, AGM and online to ensure members’ needs are met, to set and deliver strategy and to champion new initiatives, from our Next Generation Leaders to our growing Practice Groups. You are welcome to contact any member directly.

  1. Keith Heddle

    Managing Director

    Keith thinks he has the best job in the world – connector and facilitator of a close-knit and ever-growing ‘family’ of high-calibre lawyers across the world and leader of a powerful and committed team. He lives and breathes the network and loves the strong support members provide for one another, constantly going above and beyond for each other and each other’s clients. With one eye on the future, Keith is devoted to deepening and broadening the Mackrell International ecosystem, to provide greater relevance and stronger bonds, so the network and its clients can flourish whilst weathering any storm that comes our way.
  2. David Ettinger


    David served as an Americas IC Representative, then Deputy Chair for a period of eight years and now carries out the role of Chair. Working closely with the Managing Director, David provides leadership and responsibility for the team's composition, development, duties and performance. He is the Chief Representative of Keller and Heckman’s Shanghai office. Keller and Heckman’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. has been a Mackrell International member for over 16 years. The Chair is elected by MI members for a three year term.
  3. Sev Carlson

    Deputy Chair

    As Deputy Chair Sev Carlson supports the Chair and the Management Team in ensuring that Mackrell International delivers on its promises to clients and members. A native of Nevada, Sev is a partner at firm Kaempfer Crowell and focuses his practice on administrative law, regulatory matters, government affairs and related litigation. His expertise in the one of the newest practice areas, Cannabis, has assisted members as the law develops in other regions.


  1. John Scheef

    Americas IC Representative

    With 23 firms in 35 states with 75 offices and just over 3000 attorneys, Mackrell International has one of the strongest global legal networks in the US. John, litigator and construction partner at Texas firm Scheef & Stone, is head of the network’s business development group for the US. On the Management Team he represents the interests of all the US firms with a priority brief to promote the network’s US credentials to clients, contacts and potential new members.
  2. Laura Sundberg

    Americas IC Representative

    Laura Sundberg, expert in Estate and Trust matters for member firm Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe in Orlando, Florida ensures that all Mackrell International member firms in the Americas region participate fully in the decision-making processes and that their ideas and opinions are represented. Laura is an active participant and advocate in the Mackrell International Women’s Group working to increase their participation and visibility within the network.
  3. Francisco Roggero

    South Americas IC Representative

    Roggero Francisco represents the interests of Mackrell International's powerful South American member contingent in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru and Venezuela and is working closely with the Managing Director to expand the Mackrell International footprint in this region. ZBV takes a strong stance in its commitment to pro bono, through non-profit organisations, supporting clients’ corporate social responsibility initiatives and active participation in the Buenos Aires Bar Association pro bono and public interest committee, the R Cyrus Vance Center of the City of New York and the Trustlaw Thomson Reuters Foundation. Francisco specialises in restructuring, insolvency and distressed M&A.

Asia Pacific

  1. Jun Yang

    Asia Pacific IC Representative and Asian Growth

    Jun Yang, Chairman of member firm Jade & Fountain, for Shanghai and Hefei in China brings his international experience to the Management Team, supporting business initiatives in the APAC Region and further afield. Member for one of Mackrell International’s largest jurisdictions, he is active in raising the profile and promoting the quality of the member firms in APAC.
  2. Soo Chye Lee

    Asia Pacific IC Representative

    Soo Chye is the Managing Partner of Wee Swee Teow, member firm for Singapore with an expertise in all areas of commercial, real estate and succession planning matters. Through regular contact and working closely with APAC Member Firms he is focussing on developing this increasingly expanding region, encouraging cross-border business collaborations and to support the many multinationals that are based in this region.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

  1. Daniel Wendland

    EMEA IC Representative and Treasurer

    Daniel holds the official post of Treasurer so as well as representing the EMEA Members on all issues within Mackrell International he also ensures that all of our member's financial interests within Mackrell International are fully represented on the Management Team. At his firm SES Berlin, Daniel specialises in Real Estate Transactions.
  2. Nichola Reece-Burton

    EMEA IC Representative

    Whilst representing the EMEA firms on the IC Nichola, based in Dubai, UAE, is also able to bring knowledge of the Middle East to the IC deliberations. Nichola is a Senior Legal Consultant and Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution and Real Property at James Berry & Associates having previously worked in the banking sector and as a company secretary.
  3. Shawn van Heerden

    Africa IC Representative and Africa Growth

    Shawn is the Management Team member for Africa and represents the interests of the network’s members in Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and his own firm in South Africa, of which he is the Managing Director. Africa has been identified as a priority area for the network’s growth and Shawn is also responsible for identifying and presenting potential new members.
  4. Keith Provins


    Based at Mackrell.Solicitors in London Keith holds the role of Secretary ensuring that all policies and procedures within the Articles of Association are adhered to.