I just wanted to share my recent experiences and mention that I have been extremely pleased with our network the past few months. I have had various matters that needed to be addressed in other jurisdictions and each firm has been extremely responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with. I could not have asked more from any of them.

Pablo Quesada SMGQ Florida

Through the MI network, we were able to provide rapid and efficient representation in Montreal for our client based in Prague as if it was a local matter. Once again, Mackrell International has proven to be an indispensable resource for our clients doing business abroad.

Josef Aujezdsky MKA Nosko

A valuable client approached me to provide him with legal support in 34 countries, requiring the results within three weeks. Thanks to my membership of Mackrell International and its network of firms around the world but also thanks to the invaluable support of the HQ teams and to the capacity of the member firms to enthusiastically respond to this query, I was able to fulfil all requirements stipulated by the client well within their deadline and to the highest standards. Mackrell International is a leader in its field

Frédéric Lecomte Bersay

Between them, Mackrell International firms have greater strength and depth than even the largest global law firm

Paul Heyburn, Head of MI’s Practice Groups

When I get a call from a Mackrell member I give it my utmost attention and my best team. Why, because I know the lawyer who is requesting this. Clients can go to an international firm in any part of Mackrell and they know they will get the best service in different jurisdictions around the world.

Jorge Cervantes Trejo, González Calvillo, Mexico

Mackrell is light years ahead of the other network we participated in before Mackrell. My biggest challenge is keeping up with all of the Mackrell opportunities for training, networking, practice group interactions, etc. Keep up the great work!

Bill Robbinson Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe, Orlando, Florida

Mackrell International has not only worked to maintain its relevance as a network, Mackrell added significant value by inviting outside speakers and allowing members access to opportunities and talent most of us could not get as individual firms. Mackrell has had a meaningful and positive impact on my practice and on our law firm.

Howard Levine, Sussman Shank LLP, USA, Oregon

When I explain to my clients how I can help them in so many different regions where they have issues they are really impressed and that has really enhanced our reputation in the eyes of the client.

W.A. Shashila, Ram, Caroline, Sha & Syah, Malaysia

MI gives us the right platform to enhance our flexible, value-based legal solutions for clients by using like-minded lawyers across the world.