The MI White Collar Crime Practice Group plans to convene interested members worldwide on a regular basis to assess the latest news in this vibrant and exciting discipline.  With the ever increasing investigations and prosecutions of individuals and entities in the white collar area, it is important for practitioners to participate in a network across the world to refer potential clients and learn strategies from others on how to eliminate or mitigate risks your clients may be facing. 

Our goal, is to provide a forum where practitioners can share best practices, address issues of interest, and educate other members of the Mackrell family and their clients on mitigating risks.  We will tackle the best strategies and the most advantageous postures that may be utilized to obtain favorable results for our clients. These ambitious objectives will be part of the regular agenda for the newly reconstituted White Collar Crime Practice Group.  Please join our group as we launch into a new and exciting year.

If any member requires an up to date list of this PG Participants please contact MI HQ -