Scott Tarter is a partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tarter’s practice focuses on corporate mergers and acquisitions, business and commercial law. He represents a large number of current and former professional athletes, teams, sponsors, marketing and branding agencies, sports agents and various suppliers. Tarter is also a co-founder and CEO of The Dropping Dimes Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports former professional athletes from the 1960s and 70s, who are enduring medical and financial hardship, and the founder and CEO of Lana Sports, LLC, a business that creates and distributes vintage sports merchandise, basketballs and trading cards.

Bose McKinney & Evans LLP’s entertainment and sports lawyers routinely advise on matters relating to professional motorsports at all levels, professional football (American style gridiron….i.e., very little actual “foot”!), professional baseball and professional basketball. The attorneys represent teams, individual athletes, sanctioning bodies, municipal bodies, sponsors, branding partners and a broad range of additional participants along the sports landscape. From strategic growth and acquisitions, intellectual property rights and branding, to individual estate and wealth management planning, and most everything else in between, we aim to provide the coverage.

The Sports & Entertainment Law Practice Group offers existing and prospective sporting/entertainment clients not only advice relating to their professional careers – such as representation contracts, intellectual property advice,  commercial agreements and advice on all other aspects of law relevant to their country – but will present MI members the opportunity to cross-sell their other legal practice areas.

Many sporting and entertainment entities, be they individuals or companies, are global in nature, and there is clearly potential for successful referrals across the MI network to be made – ensuring that they are in safe hands wherever in the world they may be.

Participation within the Sports & Entertainment Law Practice Group offers MI members not only the opportunity to showcase their sports and entertainment work on a global scale, and thus generate referrals, but also to have an exciting platform upon which to collaborate on new cross-border content, demonstrating MI’s ability to deliver the highest standard of legal services in the sports and entertainment world – knocking out the competition!

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