Employers worldwide need timely legal advice on preventative risk counselling, labour relations, union avoidance and compliance issues. They are also required to stay abreast of increasingly complex country, local, state and federal employments laws. MI Employment Practice Group members advise on all aspects of employment law and litigation throughout the world. Practitioners cover global jurisdictions and have tried cases in country, state and federal courts and tribunals. Many members regularly arbitrate employment matters. To keep up to date on emerging legal developments, clients and contacts are welcome to join the group’s regular webinars on topical employment law issues.

If any member requires an up to date list of this PG Participants please contact MI HQ - mackrell.hq@mackrell.net



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    The End of Non-Competition Agreements? Not so Fast!

    The End of Non-Competition Agreements? Not so Fast!By: Hannah Elizabeth Jarrells,…
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