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  1. AI Insights - Silicon Valley CEOs' Perspective

    Hosted by member firm Hoge Fenton's Sblend Sblendorio, our recent webinar…
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  2. The FTX crash and what it means for Cryptocurrencies and investor confidence.

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  3. Copyright Law in Poland: a Handbook for IT Companies

    Copyright law in Poland belongs to the system of continental law, and its…
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  4. Diversity and Inclusion: Practical Strategies for Productive Conversations and Meaningful Progress

    Diversity and inclusion in the workforce can be a difficult topic to discuss…
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  5. Cryptoasset Taxation – What is the latest update for investors?

    At the end of 2021, it is estimated that around $3 trillion was invested in…
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Mackrell International – much more than a legal network

Do you want to feel valued, part of something significant – both as a human being and as a lawyer?

Yes, at Mackrell International we put ‘human being’ first, because we’re not corporate or legal robots – because it’s our common humanity that connects us, it’s what matters most and, let’s face it, it’s what all the business in the world is built on.  So it’s at our core – we can support each other and our clients, wherever they are in the world.

Do you want your law firm (and by extension, your clients) to be part of a community - a thriving, supportive, international ecosystem linked on multiple levels?

Sure – we are business and client-focused and referrals and advice hum between us, but we do so much more than that - we share insight, experience and create opportunity.

You can find out more here.