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What you gainGlobal law, made easier

We offer you outstanding legal advice, delivered when and wherever you need it in the world. You benefit from our global breadth and our local depth and expertise – you gain an agile, high-level, tailored service at a fraction of the price of a big, international law firm.

Choosing Mackrell International gives you truly global coverage from a substantial team of worldwide lawyers committed to meeting the needs of any organisation working on a global scale whether through operations, sales, employment and labour and IP protection. This is a team with a track-record of helping clients deliver their goals thanks to a winning combination of global expertise and local influence.

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A city skyline with a boat in the foreground

The best job in the world?

This has to be one of the best jobs in the world.

My team and I get to help a special group of highly engaging, committed lawyers connect strongly across cultures, sectors and time-zones.

This builds bonds of friendship, trust and mutual respect - so they can help each other, help their clients, help the next generation of lawyers and the wider legal and business community.

We’re a huge and wonderfully diverse legal family, united in our ethics, principles and values. And my team and I get to pull that family together. When we do come together, the energy, the affection, the respect and the humour is almost palpable

That foundation allows us to go out to our clients and to the wider world and do good business.

For all the challenges, what’s not to love about that?

Keith Heddle, Managing Director

Mackrell International