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Why you need your lawyer or attorney more than ever right now

Love it or hate it, good lawyers and attorneys come into their own in boom times and in bad.

And we’re certainly going through tough times across the world right now.

When navigating uncharted and stormy waters, personally or professionally, legal frameworks and legal advice can provide clarity and structure.

To help you, your employees, your family and your business, the Mackrell International legal network is still very much open for business.

The beauty of the network is that we are powerfully connected across the globe, both experienced and agile. With 4,500 lawyers and almost 100 law firms in more than 65 countries, we are still working to maintain our vital legal and corporate infrastructure, both internationally and in local markets.

We cover everything from Force Majeure to contract and employment law, to data and privacy and GDPR; we are there when you need financing and investment or restructuring – we cover almost every business sector, even the emerging ones like start-ups, cryptocurrency and cannabis – and we can also advise you with your major personal milestones.

The fact we are a network of high-calibre, medium-sized and independent firms linked by bonds of trust, friendship and mutual understanding, means we adapt quicker than most and we can be strong yet flexible to meet your needs.

Why Mackrell International?

A city skyline with a boat in the foreground

We've got it covered

This short video epitomises who we are and the Mackrell International spirit.

It shows our lawyers across the network, occasionally still on the front line but mostly staying in to save lives – and keeping working and fully available for clients.

For them and for each other, we’ve #gotitcovered.

Coronavirus Resource Centre

With our ‘Global Reach and Local Knowledge’ Mackrell International’s worldwide family of lawyers bring you invaluable insight and legal advice on handling the Coronavirus crisis.

We have curated a series of articles, advice and solutions to the legal questions raised by an ever-changing situation and in a raft of complicated areas.

We are pleased to bring this all together for you in one place to help you and your clients keep business running, structure personal affairs and navigate the ups and downs of legislation.

For all Mackrell International law firms it is business as usual in the service of our clients.

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