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Client Service Commitment

Your work is important to MI and our members provide the best possible legal advice delivered to the highest service standards. All MI firms are chosen, and audited, for their high quality legal advice and exceptional service standards.

Our members' shared commitment to you includes:

• A bespoke and specialist global team, partners and other lawyers, to meet your international legal needs, whether on-going or for a specific project.

• Advice that is clear, concise and delivered in a timely manner.

• Value for money and a transparent fee structure. You choose to pay an hourly rate or a fixed fee. Members will keep you informed of costs at all times and communication is dealt with promptly. We work to suit your time zone and business language.

• On larger projects, a relationship lawyer and dedicated project manager is assigned to you.

• Local introductions for you in our member countries and in any of the few remaining countries where we do not have a member.

• At the end of a major project or transaction the MI Managing Director and Chair will seek feedback on MI’s member service to you.