Clients choosing MI’s Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group benefit from access to a global team of corporate lawyers in 60 countries. Group members are specialists in their jurisdiction’s particular company and corporate finance laws relating to public and private ownership. Local knowledge means they also introduce local specialists. Members can also call upon expertise in related disciplines including competition, employment, banking, taxation and intellectual property.

If any member requires an up to date list of this PG Participants please contact MI HQ -



  1. Networking Event

    Global M&A Opportunities Call with MGI Worldwide

    8.30 am and 16.00 pm UK BST

    Wednesday 11 Sep 2024, 08:30 - 09:30

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  2. Event

    Global M&A Group Call with MGI Worldwide

    21st February 2024, 8.30 am GMT and 16.00 pm GMT

    Wednesday 21 Feb 2024, at 08:30

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