The space industry is reinventing itself. Like any sector, outer space is affected by globalization and privatization and many private businesses are actively participating in this area and setting new milestones. The growth in the number of satellites in space has been exponential. They are increasingly smaller, hover closer to Earth, are privately operated and launched and deployed for a host of reasons that were unimaginable a decade ago. From providing internet connectivity to Earth-imaging , this emerging generation of satellites presents new legal and regulatory challenges in this brave new world.

Demand for these services is soaring worldwide, with satellite data, imaging and space technology being used across many sectors. To meet this rising demand, many space agencies will have to expand significantly, providing further opportunities for legal and business advice. Whilst this sector has huge potential, it is heavily regulated and so needs legal intervention.

‘Space Lawyers’ get involved in litigation, regulatory issues, policy drafting and insurance disputes. Our Aerospace/Aviation lawyers also advise on corporate, commercial and finance matters to support growing business needs. As the sector expands, the need for clear IP law is also evident.

Mackrell International Lawyers are building collaboration and connectivity in this fast-growing and ever-evolving sector; their broad and deep expertise and global links allows clients exploring investment and business opportunities in ‘the final frontier’ to get the best legal advice.

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