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MI Mentor Series goes from strength to strength

After the launch of the MI Mentor Series with MI Chair, David Ettinger in August, next in the spotlight was Lorraine Cavataio, Super-Lawyer from Sandberg Phoenix in Illinois, USA.

Forget super-lawyer, she was a superstar…

Lorraine spoke with openness and honesty about her personal growth from shy girl to ‘podium speaker’ – about the importance of finding a safe and unjudgmental space to put yourself out of your comfort zone and push those areas you want to improve. Seeing Lorraine as the warm, free-flowing presenter she is now, it’s hard to credit her with shyness and you can really see how that effort in her early years paid off.

She powerfully shared one of her great life-lessons – in fact, ‘the most important message in the world’: “Don’t hold yourself back.”

She also spoke frankly about the mistakes and trip-ups (sometimes literally!) she’s made along the way, from a skirt-high heel malfunction, to having to tell a key client she’d messed up – and winning the client’s respect and gratitude (and a chance to put things right). Fail to make yourself better - and don’t be afraid of it.

‘Humanise situations’ was another great piece of advice – don’t talk like a lawyer, talk like a human being. Be clear, be engaging, be humble, be on your client’s level.

And say an emphatic ‘yes’ to all the opportunities that come your way…

You can watch the video here

  • And for further perspectives about both personal growth and building your legal career keep an eye out for details of our October speaker, Lee Soo Chye, Partner at Wee Swee Teow in Singapore, Tuesday October 13th.

Lorraine Cavataio

Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard P.C.

From Canada to Chile… to the rest of the World.

Coulson Aviation is one of those surprising and extraordinary companies you learn about every now and then. They are based in a small town in British Columbia - but have become an international powerhouse in the aerial firefighting industry, protecting the world from forest fires.

They are also a long-time client of our Vancouver firm, Lindsay Kenney LLP (LK) and will seek their recommendation for lawyers in other jurisdictions.

When Coulson was offered an opportunity to work in Chile, Angela Thiele, Partner at Lindsay Kenney had no hesitation in recommending Juan Tagle, Partner at MI’s Chilean law firm, Prieto Abogados.

Angela had initially met Juan at the Mackrell International conference in Chile – and it gave Coulson extra confidence that Angela shared that she had not only met Juan, but also his family, toured his firm and met many of his fellow lawyers; she had full confidence in making the referral.

Chile was going through some difficult times when Angela got in touch and it was great not just to reconnect but to know he and his firm would benefit from a new referral at that time.

Prieto initially helped Coulson Aviation negotiate a joint venture agreement and now they have plans to consolidate this business on a permanent basis, as there are lot of opportunities to grow and even to take it to other countries in the Latin America region.

Just another example of Mackrell International lawyers making connections that go beyond the legal and ultimately, smoothing international business.

Juan Tagle

Prieto Abogados

Angela Thiele

Lindsay Kenney LLP

Francophone Africa members of MGI Worldwide & Mackrell International meet

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought about the opportunity for firms to connect across borders and across networks virtually.

MGI Worldwide and CPAAI member firms from Congo, Benin, Madagascar and Tunisia had a good discussion with Mackrell International members from Tunisia, Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire and their Belgian ‘Africa Desk’.

The discussions were held in French and led by Keith Heddle, Managing Director of Mackrell International, with support from Clive Bennett, CEO MGI Worldwide.

The call was lively and went on longer than planned as the firms found common ground, connections and shared experience through the pandemic – both challenges and some opportunities. With 2021 looking to be challenging across Africa, understanding and support for one another and each other’s clients could prove very beneficial.

The meeting opened with individuals introducing themselves, their firms and the type of work they do, their specialisations and their clientele. Lawyers and accountants from the same country – and from countries which traditionally work closely together - took the opportunity to identify areas where they can work together in future.

It was agreed that firm contact details and other pertinent information be shared amongst each other after the meeting to further ongoing communication and connectivity.

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

The wonders of International Alliances: Worldwide Connectivity

In the latest edition of their company Newsletter ‘BTOverview’ Jeremy Glen, member firm for UK, Scotland discusses the advantages of belonging to the Mackrell International family in these Covid times.

International Alliances: Worldwide Connectivity

Whilst many of us have been confined to our “home offices”, communication around the world continues apace. Corporate lawyer Jeremy Glen explains how.

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