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The next frontier for Mackrell International law firms?

The MI Space Law Practice Group launched recently (pun intended) to look after the needs of clients in this fast-growing sector.

It’s not just about the headline-grabbing Virgin Orbit or SpaceX or even NASA or ESA’s attempts to ‘boldly go’, but there are industries blossoming around the nuts and bolts of space exploration and space technology – and that’s on top of all the commercial satellite business, that all need sound commercial and legal advice to develop.

Headed by pioneering lawyer Şafak Herdem from Herdem & Associates our Turkish member, our Space Law PG already has firms experienced in supporting the sector from ZBV in Argentina and KWKR in Poland and a growing cohort of others from across the world.

In the same way that Mackrell International led the way to become arguably the premier legal network for Cannabis and CBD Law, we are proud to be building new capabilities in Space law.

For further information about our Space Law Practice Group contact Şafak Herdem

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

Mackrell International China Business Summit

Mackrell International are pleased to announce their upcoming China Business Summit.

Join us on 18th November at 8.00 am UK GMT (4pm Shanghai) for a very special event.

In an interactive session, a selection of five Chinese multinationals will share their perspectives and expectations regarding international law firms and on doing business in China and from China.

The speaker panel comprises:

Xuan WANG, Krozzman International Consultancy,


Lingtao XIANG, Beijing Emay SoftCom Technology Ltd, General Manager

Doruk Keser, Turkiye Is Bankasi, Chief Representative

Yongli YU, *Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd ,** Supervisor

Xueting YE, Kelme Sports Products, Overseas Marketing Director

The speakers are from very different backgrounds ranging from a large State-owned company to leading private companies in niche market, from manufacturing to services sectors, from foreign national based in China to Chinese educated and raised overseas and those born and educated in China, but they all share something in common that each of them has made great efforts to go overseas or proactively engaged in doing business with the rest of the world.

If you are interested in doing business in and with China, do not miss this session.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

For further information please contact Mackrell HQ

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

Mackrell International Global Data Protection and Privacy Guide 2021

As more of our confidential personal information has become digitized, data privacy laws are taking on greater importance, requiring businesses to ensure they have the right tools in place to protect and secure personal information collected from consumers.

Compliance with data protection and data privacy laws is essential for businesses, both legally and to reputation – particularly in circumstances where a business is responding to a loss of data or security breach.

The laws relating to data protection and data privacy vary considerably from country to country, so having a clear and up-to-date understanding of the relevant laws and compliance requirements is essential – even more so when entities collect personal information from or about persons in several different countries because different laws and requirements will apply depending on where individuals reside.

The Mackrell International Global Data Protection and Privacy Guide is designed to provide convenient references to the primary data protection laws applicable in multiple countries and the contact details for highly skilled legal practitioners who can assist in each country.

For further information on our Global Data Protection and Privacy Practice Group contact Mackrell HQ

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

GC Roundtable

Mackrell International are very pleased to announce our upcoming GC Roundtable

Next Thursday 21st October at 8am UK BST, we will welcome a select group of GCs from leading international businesses to a roundtable discussion with MI members.

The aim will be to connect with the GCs, understand what they are looking for from their law firms, what informs their selection decisions, how the pandemic has changed their outlook and priorities – and of course, we will be looking to promote our capabilities.

The GCs and their organisations are:

Sunny Park, Asst. General Counsel and APAC Regional Director, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft, Singapore

Gautam Rohidekar, Group General Counsel & Director Legal at Raymond Group, India

Faizal Latheef, Regional Legal Counsel, Middle East & Africa at AbbVie, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rajashekhar Reddy, Company Secretary & Vice President - Legal at Hikal Ltd, India

Kamal Sharma, Senior Manager & Senior Counsel, Global Brand Protection | IMEA at Procter & Gamble, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The full programme and content

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

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