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Welcome to new member for Singapore - Wee Swee Teow

In a world first, a competitive game of ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ (or Lom-Chiam-Pak as it’s known in Singapore) ended in a tie.

The game was definitely competitive since it was between lawyers… in this case Lee Soo Chye and Tan Hsuan Boon of new Singaporean member, Wee Swee Teow

Which means they both feature in their carefully-choreographed, new member video below.

We get to hear about… secrets… making yourself obsolete… and get to wonder just how many camels might a lawyer be worth?

You can find out more here

To get in touch with our dynamic duo:

Just one thing – for any referrals, I’m afraid they don’t accept payment in camels.

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

Musings from the MD

Hello All,

With all the extra ‘Covid-home-time’ you have, are you…. learning a new language, taking up a musical instrument, doing more yoga, watching back-to-back box sets on Netflix…? I’m willing to bet you’re not.

Generally we’re not commuting or losing time in unnecessary meetings – but it seems that most lawyers and attorneys across the Mackrell International network are glued to their desks from morning to night, eyes going rectangular with screen-staring.

‘Zoom-fatigue’ will be another of those annoying terms to enter into the dictionary when they next update them.

So at MI HQ, we’re conscious not to overload you further if we can help it.

That said, we are running our Star Speaker Series (in conjunction with MGI Accountancy network) every Wednesday through until the end of June, to bring you an alternative perspective on emerging from lockdown and quarantine. If it’s too early/too late or you’re Zooming elsewhere, recordings of the sessions will be available.

We’re also running joint MI Webinars for clients, accountants, ‘next gen’/young lawyers, having started with a key one on Force Majeure and then looking at Bankruptcy & Insolvency and then M&A and Corporate. Do keep a look out.

We currently hold a joint meeting with MGI every Thursday at 4.30pm UK BST to discuss marketing/comms across our networks and see how we can learn from each other.

And we’ll keep introducing you to our new members – so that by the time we all meet in London in May 2021, you’ll have a sense of who they are. Their videos are here:

Plus – we have our ‘Coronavirus can’t stop us' Virtual AGM on June 11th

I continue to be hugely encouraged by the initiatives around the network that are being shared amongst you – from BTO in Scotland offering free 20 minute consultations to potential clients, to Bergman Dacey Goldsmith in Southern California using the local press to see what’s pressing for clients and local business and then responding to that. You are all doing so much to keep both staff and clients in touch and aware.

Also, the messages of support that you are still sharing. As Gunnar Hjertquist, our ex-Chair, from WSA in Sweden commented very powerfully: “…strength comes from unity. And that is not just something dropping down from heaven. It is hard work to unify people. Not in the sense of having people uniformed, but instead to aim at a common goal with respect for the individual person.

That is what Mackrell is all about. Different people, different minds, cultures, nationalities and legal systems, but unified with the idea to help each other when need be.”

And Marc Stehlin from Stehlin & Associés in Paris, taking the initiative and launching a programme, Masques du Coeur, to get vital masks to the most needy frontline workers in France: (see Good News Pages of our MI website, link below).

So on that uplifting note (here are our Good News Pages)

I continue to wish you, your families and your teams all the very best.

Best wishes, Keith

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

Mackrell International Global Legal Update 7

As the Covid-19 situation evolves globally and some countries are coming out of lockdown, we continue with our Global Legal Update series – invaluable and developing legal advice for clients and other lawyers.

What’s refreshing is the number of law firms across the Mackrell International network and the variety of advice we’ve been able to feature in these last few weeks:

Our new member in Singapore, Wee Swee Teow, has provided a series of key updates on the impact of Covid-19 on the business community.





Arthur Chapman in Minnesota, USA are holding a webinar on Insurance Coverage & Employment Litigation: Emerging and Expected Realities for Insurance Coverage, Tort, and Employment Litigation Tuesday, May 5, 2020 - 12:30-1:00 p.m. Central Time

In Calgary, Canada, SVR - Scott Venturo Rudakoff contribute a white paper on All-Risks Property Policies

Kasirye, Byaruhanga & Co. in Uganda, focus on how companies can protect themselves with regards to payment of wages in the wake of the pandemic

Juan Tagle from Prieto Abogados in Chile focuses on deal-making in a crisis in the latest issue of Latin Lawyer:

Crowley Millar, our Ireland member is providing regular legal updates for clients:


Saudi Arabian firm, Johnson & Pump with Al-Sharif Law provide a newsletter updating developments there:

Serbia member SOG highlights the key issue of Money Laundering during the crisis:

Herdem Attorneys in Turkey, have an introduction about how law firms are providing vital and trusted communication for clients:

In Spain, Santiago Mediano Abogados provide broad legal advice on Covid-19 in both Spanish & English:

Covid-19 Legal Guide-ES

Covid-19 Legal Guide EN

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

Hope comes from the East.

Our Managing Partner Forums have provided insight across the network.

And this has included the unexpected.

On any normal day, BC (before Corona), the news that two MI members had met and had lunch - and that one of those members had just been on a business trip, would simply not be news.

But with many of us not having seen friends, family, clients or colleagues for weeks and even next-door neighbours only at a 2 metre distance, this is a big deal.

And more so, since it involved Jun Yang from Jade and Fountain and David Ettinger from Keller & Heckman, both in China, (Shanghai) which got Corona-clobbered first.

Reportedly, lunch and the catch-up was excellent and there were hundreds of others also out and having lunch. The trust is rebuilding. And for all the hardship and gloom, stories are emerging about the businesses that adapted and innovated to survive.

Both law firms are busy and largely back at work and ‘un-masked’ at their desks, though masked when travelling in. For all the recent video-calling, Jun was specifically requested by a key client in a neighbouring province to attend a face-to-face meeting to progress matters. Another sign of progress.

The message to us all still in lockdown across the world, is ‘hang in there’ – we’ll get there…

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

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