Mackrell International's
Secret Sauce
What is Mackrell International’s ‘Secret Sauce’?

The indefinable something that makes it truly special.

The ‘je ne sais quoi,’ as our French friends would say, the magic…

It’s a secret that you come to understand and actually to feel once you spend some time with the MI family, the people in the network. 

It creeps up on you and suddenly, with a smile, it just makes sense.

It’s there in the way we welcome and greet each other – old friend or newcomer, it doesn’t matter. 

It’s there in the way we support each other – in a heartbeat – whether it’s business or personal. 

It’s there in the way we look after one another and our clients, but also our families.

It’s there strongly in the way we connect easily and powerfully; it’s there in the way we laugh together, share experiences, espouse common values.

It’s something very special that makes people from across the world work together brilliantly and ‘play’ together joyfully - irrespective of creed, colour, culture, race or religion.

That’s the MI ‘secret sauce,’ the recipe for our togetherness and our success.

Let us know if you’d like some of it – you can enquire about joining the MI Family here: