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If you’re at the stage where you need legal advice - particularly in more than one jurisdiction – then your business challenge is clearly unique, complex and important and probably has a deadline looming.

You’re going to need lawyers who know the lie of the land, including the local nuances, who are well connected, agile and responsive; people who you can relate to, engage with and who will go above and beyond for you – that’s what you get with the Mackrell International legal network.

We address your specific need, get the job done - and we save you time and money.

Plus – we’re just the type of people you’d want to work with.

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Using our services

Who uses the Mackrell International network – is it right for you?

The type of business or individual who engages our legal network is simple; one who wants care and attention paid to their matter, who wants their issue tackled expertly and cost-effectively, by people you can trust and who you enjoy doing business with.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ – your legal challenge is personal, it matters to you, whether it’s a business or a private issue.  So we work around you.

In many ways, that’s why we have no typical client.

Sure, we deal with the affairs of big multinationals (blue chip names you’ll be familiar with), but also aspiring ones, start-ups, entrepreneurs and owner-managers.  Whatever the size of your business, however many countries it straddles, whatever the issue, there will be a lawyer or a team of lawyers who can advise you.

Everybody started somewhere.  And we recognise that in many ways, every business is a family business, even if, as a blue chip business, that ‘family’ is your shareholders, stakeholders, employees and customers.

Private clients

Being the flexible and approachable legal network we are – and the beauty of being strongly-connected, medium-sized law firms – we advise private clients all over the world, that is individuals, families or their representatives, who often need legal advice in more than one country. And in some cases, quickly.

We tackle everything from matrimonial issues (family, divorce), wills and trusts, domestic real estate (conveyancing), employment and crime.  Private clients in particular appreciate knowing their local lawyer can call on a trusted ‘colleague’ in another country, who will have local contacts and explain how the law applies.  It’s an added reassurance when things are deeply personal.

To find out more or make an enquiry, just contact Mackrell International Headquarters who will put you in touch with our experts where you need them.

Our Client Service Commitment

Your work is as important to us as it is to you – so we have a shared commitment to you that includes:

  • A bespoke and specialist global team, partners and other lawyers, to meet your international legal needs, whether on-going or for a specific project.

  • Advice that is clear, concise and delivered in a timely manner.

  • Value for money and a transparent fee structure (some clients say they have saved 50-60% of what they were paying ‘big-brand’ law firms – and that the work gets done quicker!). Members will keep you informed of costs at all times and communication is dealt with promptly. We work to suit your time zone, deadlines and business language.

  • On larger projects, a relationship lawyer and dedicated project manager is assigned to you.

  • Local introductions (both personal and professional) for you in our countries of influence.

  • At the end of a major project or transaction the MI Managing Director and Chair will seek feedback on MI’s member service to you to ensure we have at least met, if not exceeded, your expectations.

To find out more or make an enquiry, just contact Mackrell International Headquarters who will put you in touch with our experts where you need them – or fill in the Enquiry Form below.

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