The Mackrell International Women's Group (WG)

The group aims to support and amplify our outstanding female talent across the MI network, both legal professionals and all who work with them.

Currently headed by Alison Green of Mackrell.Solicitors in England and supported by our female leaders on the MI Board (the International Committee or IC), the group connects, celebrates and encourages women globally, right across the MI family. 

For some years, we have developed and launched unique initiatives to highlight and recognise female achievements, from our ground-breaking ‘Tapestry’ to our ‘Graffitti Wall’.  We meet virtually throughout the year, come together whenever we have a main MI meeting (at the AGM and Regional Business meetings) and have now also launched standalone in-person meetings to cement our connections even further.

The group is inclusive and open to all women in our network – for more details, please contact Mackrell International HQ

This page shows some of our highlights…

Mackrell International Women’s Group Meet in London

Our first ever in-person Women’s Group meeting was held in London, at the offices of Mackrell.Solicitors, our English firm.

It was a vibrant meeting and an undisputed success – with insightful speakers and plenty of opportunity to network and connect, both during the meeting and ‘after hours’.

The meeting was opened by Chair of the Group, Alison Green, Senior Partner of Mackrell.Solicitors, Nigel Rowley and Mackrell International MD Keith Heddle – and from the opening lunch through the final session on the Friday afternoon, the buzz and the energy was constant. Participants joined from across Europe, from Africa, from the US and also from our ‘sister’ accountancy network, MGI Worldwide to seek opportunities, to learn and to share experiences – and to laugh!