The pharmaceutical and recreational cannabis industry is valued at USD$170 billion. This is estimated to increase to USD$272 billion by 2028.

With legalisation increasing and public perception improving throughout the world, the cannabis industry is increasingly more dependent on law firms providing clear, practical advice, underpinned by proven knowledge of the industry.

The fact that we have a high level of local expertise on a global scale puts us in a class of 1, so we should capitalise on this.

The purpose of this M.I. Practice group is to:

To inform and educate the practice group highlighting developments in the industry and associated legislation that will impact on our respective clients and cases

Identify and agree on a network of trusted referral partners (such as MGI)

Identify joint opportunities for:

Attending and presenting at trade shows

Cross referrals to support our clients’ needs and development

M.I. joint ventures to secure new business

M.I. joint ventures to secure new business Click here to read the Chambers Medical Cannabis & Cannabinoid Regulation 2021 co-authored by MI Member Firm Mackrell.Solicitors

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  1. Webinar

    Cannabis Practice Group Call

    Tuesday 30th April at 4pm UK BST

    Tuesday 30 Apr 2024, at 16:00

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