Welcome to new member firm for Czech Republic

We are pleased to welcome our latest new member to the Mackrell International ‘family’:

Member for Czech Republic: Mašek, Kočí, Aujezdský (MKA Nosko)

Key contacts:     Josef Aujezdský   josef.aujezdsky@mkanosko.cz and Petr Kočí   petr.koci@mkanosko.cz

Website :  www.mka-nosko.cz   

Meet Josef and the team and discover ‘Czech Republic in a nutshell’.

And what do they say about themselves?......

We are medium-sized law firm operating in Czech and Slovakian market. From very modest beginning as a boutique IT law firm we have expanded to other areas of law.  If you are ever traveling to Prague, do not hesitate to stop by.

All their key information is available on our website.

Please do get in touch with them to welcome them to the MI family and to find out more