Welcome to new member firm for Poland

We are pleased to welcome our latest new member to the Mackrell International ‘family’:

Member for Poland: Konieczny, Wierzbicki Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Spółka Partnerska (KWKR)

Key contacts:

Marcin Wierzbicki marcin.wierzbicki@kwkr.pl
Michał Konieczny michal.konieczny@kwkr.pl

Website : www.koniecznywierzbicki.pl

Another adventurer joins the Mackrell family - and their team of specialists give a whistlestop tour of the firm:....click on the image

and after that, in a nutshell…..

“If we were to choose one word to best describe Konieczny Wierzbicki Attorneys-at-Law it would be “effective”. We manage challenging, international projects on a daily basis, and we are always proud of the effects. Every case is different, and so are our clients, and for that reason flexibility is our priority. We have great experience in handling various situations, always attaining the expected outcome.

Our efficiency and strength of purpose have been rewarded with many prestigious awards, both local, and international, le.g.: Leading Firm (TMT) - LEGAL 500

At KWKR we try to improve our skills every day, by challenging ourselves to find unconventional solutions to different problems. We know how important it is to be open-minded, and to think outside of the box. Our team consists of experienced, ambitious, and hard-working experts, who are always ready to bring out what’s the best of them. When entering our office you can feel the great atmosphere, based on a support and respect, that we all create. Our complexity is our power.”

All their key information is available on our website https://www.mackrell.net/firm/konieczny-wierzbicki-law-firm/office/krakow

Please do get in touch with them to welcome them to the MI family and to find out more.