At Mackrell International, our strength is our community, so we are always looking for meaningful ways to connect you.

Sometimes that’s in big, bold ways, like our headline meetings, the global AGM or our Regional Business meetings, where the doors are wide open to everyone.

And sometimes it calls for smaller, more selective meetings like our Managing Partner fora, our Next Generation/Emerging Leader get-togethers, or our Women’s Group meetings.

In March in Orlando, ZKS Law hosted an international group of MI women, from LatAm, Africa, the UK and across the US.

Chaired by Laura Sundberg of ZKS Law and Alison Green from Mackrell.Solicitors in London, the meeting focused on learning about yourself and the characteristics you bring to your work and life, on unlocking the power of a ‘Yes’ mentality at work and at home and on networking and building strong relationships.

Our next international Women’s Group meeting will be held in Hamburg, Germany in July, thanks to SKW Schwarz

(And we are also holding other international meetings for our rising star, Next Generation/Emerging Leader lawyers in Madrid and Seattle this year – both opportunities for lawyers to connect, build relationships and help business flows).

Keep an eye out on the MI Events page: - we hope you and your firm take the opportunity to engage with these opportunities.