MI Members collaborate and complete the acquisition of a Montreal AI-based company by a renowned Czech corporation.

Member Success Story

Our Mackrell International members in Prague, Czech Republic (Josef Aujezdsky of MKA Nosko) and Montreal, Canada (Robert Faguy of PFD Lawyers) have successfully collaborated and completed the acquisition of a Montreal AI-based company by a renowned Czech corporation with a view to operating and commercialising a worldwide AI solution.

This collaboration revealed that not only do Prague and Montreal share a common passion for (ice) hockey, speciality beers and fine wine, but also evolving industries in artificial intelligence solutions and enterprise with global impact. 

As Robert stated, “Mackrell International provided us with the conduit to seamlessly bring together two leading AI enterprises from different continents, who have now joined forces to implement their strategies in the world marketOn another note, I believe that’s the first time I’ve read Czech and I had no idea that the Czech language had so many accents and umlauts!

Josef, in turn, tells us, “Here in Prague, we always thought that Montreal was the capital of ice hockey (although our Czech hockey team can offer some clear resistance), not the capital of AIThrough the MI network, we were able to provide rapid and efficient representation in Montreal for our client based in Prague as if it was a local matterOnce again, Mackrell International has proven to be an indispensable resource for our clients doing business abroad”.

Through Mackrell International, we connect our clients and align their interests, wherever they are in the world.