Successful collaboration between Members Macdonald Sager Manis LLP and Lindsay Kenney LLP

Jordan Cohen of Macdonald Sager Manis LLP, Toronto, Canada talks about a fruitful, long-standing referral as a result of their relationship with fellow MI member, Lindsay Kenney LLP in Vancouver, Canada.

"Our relationship with Lindsay Kenney (“LK”) goes back a long way. In the early 00’s we had the good fortune to a refer a client to them who went on to acquire 100’s of millions of dollars of BC real estate. Even though we regularly referred work back and forth, LK kept looking for a more substantial way to reciprocate.

In 2012, Kirk Poje from LK’s Langley office had a mortgage lending client who wished to establish itself in Ontario and commence mortgage lending operations in Ontario. They referred them to MSM, and we asked Doron Noah, one of the partners to take carriage of this matter. Doron shepherded them through the licensing and regulatory approval process, and has overseen their mortgage lending [and when necessary mortgage enforcement] work since then.

The book of business has grown dramatically over the last 9 years from high 5-figures/low 6-figures in the early years to mid-to-high 6 figures the last several years (all figures Canadian $’s). Currently the work is about 90% mortgage lending and 10% mortgage enforcement. This one client referral alone has more than justified our MI membership these last 9 years.

There is no single large fee, but a constant stream of smaller pieces of business (but larger amounts on the litigation/enforcement side). So they have been an excellent, recurring client. We are very appreciative of the referrals from LK and we are always on the lookout to refer work back."