This Mackrell Network is exceptional in so many ways – you have to read this story!

Scott Tarter, partner in the Business Services Group and Sports, Entertainment and Media Group and chair of the International Group with Bose McKinney & Evans in Indiana recently shared an outstanding story of legal collaboration.

Scott reached out recently to Mackrell International member Kaempfer Crowell of Nevada with an urgent request by a charitable organization for assistance on behalf of an elderly gentleman (battling brain cancer and living on his own), who had been given an (improper) eviction notice and was being forced from his home.

This gentleman had been living in a rented home for the past 15 years and, despite his dire medical condition, his willingness to pay increased rent if necessary, and his not being in default in any way, was the victim of a landlord and property manager wanting to remove him quickly for convenience in order to sell the house. A charity Scott co-founded several years ago ( had received an urgent request for help from this gentleman.

As a fellow Mackrell International member, Scott reached out to Kaempfer Crowell attorneys Sev Carlson, with a practice in administrative law, regulatory matters, government affairs and related litigation and Josh Corelli, who focuses on business, corporate, real estate, and finance transactions, and asked if they could assist. Scott assured them the charity would foot the bill. When KC found out BME was doing work for the charity on a pro bono basis, and when they listened to the circumstances of this unfortunate man, they immediately offered to take on the representation on a pro bono basis.

Sev and Josh quickly and successfully dealt with the landlord and property manager and obtained much needed relief for the elderly gentleman. Kaempfer Crowell was incredibly helpful and kind in dealing with the gentleman, who was nearly in tears as Scott explained to him that he did not now need to find a way to immediately pack up, move out of his house and find a new place to live. According to Scott, Sev and Josh did some incredible lawyering on a fast-track and pro bono basis - and they made a huge impact on the life of a stranger without any thought about being recognized or compensated.

Scott summarized this exceptional story regarding the quality of Mackrell International Member Firms:

“The above is another reason why Bose McKinney chose Mackrell International and another reason why we value being on the Mackrell International team. It’s great when we get the opportunities to serve our clients on commercial matters, and we’re certainly looking forward to working on the next interesting commercial/legal collaboration with a Mackrell International member firm, but this was an example of how willing members are to also jump in and help do the right charitable thing when needed. I can’t thank Kaempfer Crowell enough and I hope we can return the favor for them or another member someday soon.”