What did you do in the Great Talent War?

Hot on the heels of ‘The Great Resignation’ came ‘The Great Talent War’ – one challenge rolling into another.

There isn’t a law firm across the world unaffected by the pandemic and its knock-on effects, with a key one being different attitudes to work and different expectations from job-seekers in terms of employer flexibility, support and culture.

That’s why Mackrell International has launched the global Lawyer Exchange Programme.

As a strongly-connected legal ‘family’ we have always been open to welcoming lawyers from other firms when they or their family have been ‘in town,’ to connect, to use some office space or for a ‘coffee stop’ or to use a Boardroom to meet clients.

But now we are structuring that welcome - facilitating lawyers to spend time in other firms and jurisdictions.  They’ll have the opportunity of creating relationships, exploring and understanding culture (both workplace and country or state), learning about jurisdictional differences and meeting clients.  They’ll benefit from a unique international experience.

It's a key way of attracting and retaining talent – for all the salary and perks on offer, offering this special, developmental opportunity and experience is something many law firms won’t be able to offer.

And, unsurprisingly, we’ve already had our first sign-ups…

To find out more, contact Mackrell International HQ mackrell.hq@mackrell.net and download the brochure here.