What a meeting – what energy, what a group of people!

Our EMEA Next Generation group came together in Munich, warmly welcomed and fabulously hosted by SLB Law.

Connections were made across Germany, from Dublin and London to the West, through Madrid, Brussels, Milan and the Netherlands, to the Czech Republic and Romania further east and Sweden and Denmark in Scandinavia.

It was a bubbling, melting pot of ideas, discussion, interchange, opinion and laughter – let alone of European culture.

We tackled the impact of AI, jurisdictional differences, how to generate business, how to pitch and how not to… we also tackled the important things in life… how to eat Bavarian Weisswurst, Munich-style and with the correct mustard, how to sample a variety of Bavarian beers, how to connect closely and memorably… 

And we ended with a room full of superheroes (if you know, you know).

These are the superheroes who are going to power our law firms forward, who are going to catalyse business and who are going to carry the torch for the legal sector.

All I can say is that we’re in good hands…