Talk by Timur Bondaryev of Arzinger Law, former MI member in the Ukraine

This week we held our regular CEE meeting – but one with a difference.

Before the talk of the new Whistleblowing software launched by MKA Nosko in the Czech Republic, the ‘rebirth’ of our Austrian firm, the warm welcome we can expect in Sofia, Bulgaria for our 2024 Regional Business Meeting and the highlights of the upcoming Meeting in Vejle, we had a talk from Timur Bondaryev of Arzinger Law, former MI member in the Ukraine.

Although the war there is no longer headline news, the conflict continues.

Daily lives, many of the things we take for granted, as lawyers, as business people, as family members, as human beings are constantly disrupted and sometimes shattered.  Timur says that his ‘morning alarm clock’ is often the sound of rockets landing.

And yet, he and his colleagues carry on, for his country, for his law firm, for his family – doing business, upholding the law, looking after his clients and their needs as best they can. 

The focus of much of the legal work has changed, since investors are unsurprisingly holding off for now and it centres around white collar crime, privatisation issues, compliance and sanctions-based litigation.

And the message from those who were on the call (from afar afield as Hong Kong and Brazil, as well as across Germany, the Netherlands, England and Scotland, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabian and the Czech Republic) – not a political message, but a strongly human one – is that the Mackrell International family is here to support Timur and his team, personally and professionally, because that’s just what we do for each other at MI.