Spanish Heritage Now Provides A Gateway to the EU 

A welcome change in Spanish law has provided people born and living outside Spain who have Spanish grandparents, the opportunity to become Spanish nationals - giving them access to the whole of the EU.

Recent changes by the Spanish government regarding eligibility laws mean those with Spanish heritage beyond their parents are able to apply for nationality, allowing them to live and work in Spain and opening the door to career and living opportunities across the rest of the EU.

Mackrell International member firm, Santiago Mediano Abogados (SMA) in Madrid is offering a service supporting member firms who have clients interested in applying for this new opportunity.

SMA supports the whole application process, which is technical and must be done accurately to ensure a timely and successful outcome at the Consulate. 

The firm is highly experienced and has already helped five clients of MI member firms successfully apply for Spanish nationality since the eligibility criteria changed. They charge a flat fee of EUR 4,500 for their services. 

Member firms interested in supporting clients to achieve Spanish nationality should contact: 

José Ignacio Juárez or

Miguel Trillo-Figueroa at SMA.