Mini-Mackrell International : Cartagena 2023

Mackrell International News

Whenever Mackrell International folk have the opportunity to get together and reinforce and build relationships, they take it.

Here, in Cartagena, Colombia after a day at the IBA Latin America conference, a cohort of the MI ‘Latin’ family had drinks and dinner – before they all returned to their hotels for an early night and to catch up on their emails…..  

Or, alternatively, before the karaoke and the dancing went on well into the night (allegedly… we’ll never know).

The dinner saw a rich tapestry of LatAm countries together – Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay … and Miami!

Attendees (in no specific order):

Cesar Amendolara (Velloza), Benjamín Grebe (Prieto), Cristóbal Raby (Prieto), Edgar Grajeda (González Calvillo), Pablo Moran (González Calvillo), Hernando Becerra (González Calvillo), Juan Carlos Balzán (Araquereyna), Juan José Figueroa (Araquereyna), Pablo Quesada (SMGQ), Alvaro Carrau (BKZR), Richard Iturria (BKZR), Mariano Batalla (Alta Batalla), Sergio Amador (Alta Batalla), Carolina Zang (ZBV), Francisco J. Roggero (ZBV), Bernardo Rodriguez (Parra Rodriguez)