MI Member Firm’s Commitment to Local Man Demonstrates Winning Perserverance

In a case running for over six years, Colorado firm FGMC lawyers Danny Foster and Chip Schoneberger have secured a second victory in the Supreme court for their client, a private individual, in a long running court battle against a large Denver-based business. 

The win, which has secured an almost US$1million jury verdict in favour of FGMC’s client, has shown that whilst our member firms are adept and confident at cross-border collaboration and global outreach, the nature of their local businesses means they have deep roots and long running success in their own locations.

It’s a testament to commitment, perseverance and talent that our member firms continue to fight - and win - in their cities, States and regions and it’s this ‘groundroots’ capability and expertise which makes our global network even stronger.

 You can read about the FGMC case here.