KWKR helps Van Der Vorm acquire a unique development In Kraków

Mackrell International News

Van der Vorm Vastgoed, one of the leading privately owned Dutch investment funds with a long-standing position in the Polish market, has successfully closed negotiations on another property development thanks to Mackrell International Polish member firm Konieczny Wierzbicki.

The fund has completed the signing of preliminary agreements for the purchase of units in the so-called ‘Greendustry’ development on Romanowicza Street in the centre of Krakow. The apartments will be intended for long-term rental.

Responsible development strategy

The ‘Greendustry’ investment project on Romanowicza Street in Krakow's Podgórze district is a place created for people who value tranquillity but still want to live near the city centre. Podgórze is sometimes called "a city within a city" by Krakow citizens, due to its many green areas, the multitude of restaurants, pubs, and cafés and the proximity of the Bulwary Wiślane. The unique character of the district is also due to its historical background; as, during World War II, it was precisely the border of the Jewish ghetto, which means that many old tenements, buildings or even parts of the wall have survived there in their original state to this day.

The combination of modern solutions with centuries-old historic buildings required exceptional sensitivity from the developer. The finished development must not only fulfil its main purpose but also fit in with the character of the historic urban space. Van der Vorm therefore sought to work with the developer Quelle Locum.

Preliminary agreements for the purchase of premises at Romanowicza Street were concluded at the beginning of August 2022 in Kraków between the fund and Quelle Lokum. The planned delivery date for the units is Q2 2023.

Poland - a strategic market for the Dutch fund

Greendustry’is an investment that we are particularly proud of, as the property's excellent location meets the expectations of even the most demanding tenant. - says Margarethe van der Vorm - An excellent transport structure, guaranteeing access to the centre of Krakow in less than 10 minutes, and the proximity of Kazimierz - the cultural heart of the city life - makes it extremely accessible.

It is this asset that has attracted the special attention of Van der Vorm Vastgoed Group, along with the long-term lease of the premises purchased as part of the investment. We always put the comfort of potential tenants first, taking an individual approach to each investment. In our new investments we want to help our tenants reduce energy consumption by investing in sustainability solutions and homework facilities. - says the director of the investment department.

Margarethe van der Vorm also said that the ‘Van der Vorm Vastgoed Group’ has seen Poland as a strategic market for years. ‘Greendustry’ is not the first project of its kind, as the fund has already made more than a dozen similar investments of this type in the Warsaw and Krakow areas. Van der Vorm is focused on expanding its offer with modern premises, finished to a 'high standard', while maintaining an affordable price balance.

We cooperate with trusted companies and subcontractors. Our staff of specialists complete all the formalities related to the management, maintenance, and protection of the property portfolio. - explains Margarethe. - In this and other investments, we were advised by specialists from the law firm 'KWKR Konieczny Wierzbicki i Partnerzy'. It is thanks to the support of the lawyers from the real estate department that we have been able to carry out many projects over several years of our cooperation.

The professional approach of the KWKR allowed us to complete transactions that initially seemed extremely challenging; such as the Warsaw 'La Praga' or the recent purchase of a historic tenement house in the center of Kraków's Old Town, which we converted into a luxury aparthotel. - she concludes.

Van der Vorm Vastgoed Group is one of the leading privately owned Dutch investment funds based in Rotterdam. The company owns properties throughout the European Union: in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, the UK, and Poland.  With each successive investment, the fund successively pursues the strategy of a socially responsible development, acting in accordance with current legislation and facing the challenges of a changing industry.