Data Protection and the Need for Global Connections

An increasingly data-driven business landscape and resulting aggressive data laws - as well as some groundbreaking fines - have meant that data protection and the legalities around it are key concerns for MI clients around the globe.

Thanks to our strength in depth and our tight-knit connections, MI member firms are well equipped to support clients who need data protection advice both in their own country and multi-jurisdictionally.

One MI member firm proactively strengthening their capabilities in this area is Prieto Law in Chile.  They have recently appointed highly regarded expert Romina Garrido, as Director of their data protection practice.

Garrido has been specialising in the data protection area for over 15 years and brings her experience advising across private and public organisations in the health, transportation, telecommunications, research and retail sectors. Her expertise covers data management strategies, technology implementation, data-driven projects, data transfer contracts, impact assessments and much more.

You can access information about data privacy in the Global Privacy and Data Security Practice Group area of the website, including the MI Global Privacy and Data Protection Guide.

If you have a vested interest in data protection and clients who need support, do get in touch with MI HQ so you can be connected to a legal expert – wherever you are in the world and wherever you need it.