Cross-State Collaboration Delivers Outstanding Trial Verdict

The MI network has once again proved its worth - delivering a successful verdict for the ZKS team in Florida, working on behalf of Nevada-based firm Kampfer Crowell’s client.

Kampfer Crowell reached out to ZKS through the MI network in 2020 when their client had a lawsuit filed against them in Florida. 

The case involved products liability, misleading advertising, fraudulent and deceptive business practices, fraud, warranty, and commercial defamation claims.  

After three years of litigation, a two-week federal jury trial was held between 11th to 22nd December last year with the lowest demand that the Plaintiffs had made sitting at a substantial US$40 million.  

The ZKS commercial litigation team of Kevin Robinson and Nick Mari successfully defended the claims and obtained a complete defense verdict.  Additionally, because the Plaintiffs obtained no award against the client, ZKS will also be entitled to seek recovery of their clients’ attorneys’ fees and costs - perhaps the best seasonal holiday gift of all.

This is a fantastic result for member firms ZKS and Kampfer Crowell, demonstrating the value of the close-knit, cross-border relationships of our member firms.