Combining business with charity – KWKR facilitates support for Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Thanks to the cooperation of lawyers from the 3 departments of the law firm KWKR Konieczny Wierzbicki i Partnerzy, we were able to successfully establish the company Light and Love Home, thus reconciling investment interests with religious activities. Thanks to our comprehensive assistance, the founders of a Catholic religious association from Hong Kong will be able to offer support to refugees from Ukraine.

The story of a unique partnership

Our law firm was approached by the founders of a foreign Catholic religious association, originating from Hong Kong, who wanted to acquire a hostel in Poland as part of their business to support refugees from Ukraine. From the beginning, they were interested in acquiring property in Zabrze; a city that is part of the Upper Silesian Metropolis. It is worth mentioning that this industrial area is a strategic point on the map of Poland, as it concentrates most of the investments related to mining and metallurgical activities.

Our client – due to the nature of its activities, which cannot be classified in business terms – had not previously conducted any form of business in Poland. When planning the purchase of a historic tenement house, our lawyers, therefore, had to assist in choosing the most favorable form of business operation. We, therefore, helped register the client’s business with the National Court Register, resulting in the establishment of Light and Love Home in Poland sp. z o.o. as well as the foundation ‘Church of God in Zabrze’, which acquired the previously mentioned property. In turn – thanks to the support of the compliance team – we took care of securing formal and legal issues related to both the purchase of the hostel and running the business in Poland.

Combining business with charity

Thanks to the coordinated cooperation of lawyers from the real estate department, the corporate department and the compliance department, we were able to reconcile investment interests with our client’s religious activities. The second noteworthy value of this transaction was the motivations of the foreign entrepreneur. This is another project implemented by our law firm related to the granting of asylum to refugees from war-stricken Ukraine. We are proud that the KWKR team has the opportunity to work with companies and associations whose actions are motivated by a desire to do good for a good, social cause. We also believe that this is not the first and not the last investment by Light and Love Home in which we will have the opportunity to participate.