An MI Masterclass?

MI Membership, outside of the learning and the camaraderie and friendships we develop along the way, offers you something fundamental: the ability to tap into a tight-knit, highly-responsive network of firms across the world who support you and your clients without hesitation.

You make the most of this powerful ecosystem in many different ways, but the example below highlights just how extraordinary the MI legal family really is.

In a few short days, Nigel Rowley, of Mackrell Solicitors in London connected and worked with almost every region in which we operate, to support both his clients and the clients of firms who needed counsel in England.


Nigel instructed:-

  • Shawn in South Africa

  • Mark in Australia

  • James in New Zealand.

  • Nichola in Dubai

  • Gavin in Mauritius

  • Greg in Los Angeles

  • Pablo in Miami

  • Chris in Saudi Arabia

  • Steve in Toronto

  • Murali in Bangalore

  • Robert in Montreal.

  • Soo Chye in Singapore.

  • Frederic in Paris

  • Nikolaus and Patrick in Frankfurt.

  • And Nimrod from our (hopefully) incoming firm in Israel.


He received instructions from:-

  • Miguel in Portugal

  • Jim in Dubai.


And also caught up on ongoing matters with:

  • Osayaba in Nigeria

  • Chris in New York.

  • Patrick in Frankfurt.

  • Shane’s colleague in Hong Kong.


(Not to mention instructing MGI members in the UK, in Italy, and in the Middle East)…

Not only is that an impressive list, but everyone is on first-name terms – they are not just trusted, but well known, familiar faces. 

This is how we do business.

And all this is testament to you all, to us all.