A noteworthy, pan-European collaboration

UNI-Mitsubishi Pencil, a global manufacturer and distributor of pens and pencils needed help.

They needed quick, no-nonsense legal advice across 34 European countries in a 3-week window, all within a specific budget.

After reassurances from MI HQ that we had the necessary pan-European coverage and could mobilise it quickly, Frédéric Lecomte of our French firm provided a template of questions to be completed, with either straightforward answers and/or more developed ones if necessary.

On Frédéric’s behalf, we were able successfully to connect with all 34 European countries involved and fulfil the requirement via 19 Mackrell International member firms and 15 high quality, reliable partners recommended by our firms.

Frédéric then collated the completed responses and submitted the final report by the client’s deadline – UNI-Mitsubishi Pencil were delighted.

This shows the responsiveness, competence and connectivity of the Mackrell International network.