I don’t think anyone was quite expecting me to open the Emerging Leaders Business meeting in Madrid with Eminem.

It’s ok, I didn’t rap.

But I did push the key message, “If you had one shot, one opportunity to seize what you wanted in one moment… would you capture it?”

The moment is now; be in the moment.

Don’t be a ‘lawyer’, a legal technician, be a change-maker...

If you were worried that MI emerging leaders might be on some sort of ‘jolly’, holiday or ‘boondoggle’ in Madrid – think again.

This was a two-day event filled with networking opportunities, insightful presentations and engaging, thought-provoking activities, designed to enhance their professional and personal growth and knowledge within the legal sector.

All graciously hosted and orchestrated by Santiago Mediano Abogados.

We explored personal and professional goals, the secret to future success… and took time to make strong personal connections (isn’t all business personal?).

The inspirational Paula Fernández-Ochoa seized attention with, “I Don’t Have the Strength to Give Up” focusing on adaptability, resilience, leadership, wellbeing, and high performance – but mostly stressing the value of taking your one shot, your opportunity…

(I couldn’t have scripted it better.)

We highlighted the significance of multiple perspectives and idea exchange from engaging with the MI ecosystem - which creates better legal and business ‘solutions-finders’ (and isn’t that what lawyers are?). 

And we boldly faced the future – what will law firms need to look like when the emerging leaders are Managing Partner?

Finally – we ended with ‘How to Win Business’, sharing practical strategies and tips on winning business; also developing a targeted approach and a ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ mentality. 

And we networked, like bees around pollen. 

And laughed and talked and ate tapas and paella, washed down with refreshing Spanish beer and good wine.

Because you need a little fun to balance out all that hard work… and as we all know, it’s in the fun where the magic happens.

If you want your up-and-coming lawyers, your emerging leaders to build their network, to build their personal and professional capabilities and be part of something bigger…  look out for our next Emerging Leader Business meeting and opportunities to connect (the MI Events page is a good place to start…).