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Weir & Associates

Hong Kong

Weir & Associates have 1 offices. You are currently viewing the profile of their Hong Kong office. The current local time is 15:33 on Friday 22 October.

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6th Floor, Wings Building
110 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong

Phone: (+852) 2526-1767
Fax: (+852) 2868-3568

Firm Overview

Weir & Associates is a Hong Kong firm of solicitors and notaries which has carried on business in Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific, and internationally since 1985. Representing over 50 financial institutions in Asia, Weir & Associates has a well-earned reputation as a business-minded, transaction-oriented law firm. Our team of lawyers has multijurisdictional qualifications and consists of several teams each skilled in a different branch of law. The work of our clients is handled not only on a basis to ensure the success of the matter at hand but also with regard to our client's long term interests. This results-orientated approach enables Weir & Associates to build bridges and not roadblocks for our clients' transactions. We have also long standing relationships with multinational law practices worldwide. We are a "business law firm" with years of experience providing legal services relevant to businesses including: - Commercial transactions in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China and internationally in areas including retail, licensing, manufacturing, entertainment, construction, trading, hospitality, telecommunication, pharmaceutical and information technology; - Corporate finance and restructuring for private and public companies in Hong Kong and North America; - Conveyancing, leasing and property based financings in Hong Kong; - Intellectual property (Patents, Trademarks and Design); - Information technology and telecommunications in Hong Kong and regional matters; - Off-shore trusts, estate planning, taxation and pension establishment; - Immigration for inbound applications (visas, investor programs and work authorization schemes to Hong Kong) and overseas to countries including the PRC, Macau, Taiwan, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom; - Litigation (civil and criminal) in Hong Kong; - Arbitration for international commercial matters in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Office Specialities

  1. Banking law
  2. Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights
  3. Business affairs
  4. Charity law
  5. Civil litigation
  6. Commercial law
  7. Computer and IT law
  8. Consumer law
  9. Contract law
  10. Conveyancing residential
  11. Corporate commercial
  12. Debt Recovery (Commercial and Consumer)
  13. E-commerce
  14. Education law
  15. Employment law
  16. Environmental law
  17. Immigration law
  18. Infrastructure Projects
  19. Insolvency and bankruptcy
  20. Intellectual property law
  21. International Transactions
  22. International law (non EU)
  23. Legal aid - criminal
  24. Legal aid - immigration
  25. Partnership law
  26. Pensions law
  27. Personal Injury
  28. Planning law
  29. Professional negligence
  30. Shipping law
  31. Tax law
  32. Telecommunications
  33. Trust law
  34. Trusts and Estates
  35. Welfare benefits
  36. Wills and probate

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