Treinta y Tres 1271,
CP 11000 Montevideo
(598) 2916 0310

Bado, Kuster, Zerbino & Rachetti was founded in 1941 and owes its name to its original partners: Dres. Augusto Cesar Bado, Elbio O. Kuster, Jorge Zerbino and Jorge Rachetti Píriz.

The fundamental pillars of our history have been the solid training of our professionals, the constant obsession for reaching excellence and the satisfaction of our client´s needs. For this we are always looking to offer innovative and creative solutions, proposing efficient alternatives to the requests we receive, proactivity being one of our most valued and outstanding tools.

Our professionals are in continuous improvement, searching to be on the cutting edge of the professional matters in our country. This has positioned us in a place of privilege in the market of professional services in Uruguay, as we are consulted by the most important national and international companies. Also, many international publications stand out Bado, Kuster, Zerbino & Rachetti as one of the most prestigious law firms in Uruguay.

Area(s) of Expertise

  1. Antitrust & Competition
  2. Arbitration & Mediation
  3. Banking & Finance
  4. Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Debt
  5. Commercial Property
  6. Company & Commercial
  7. Consumer Products
  8. Contract Law
  9. Corporate
  10. Corporate/Business Law
  11. Courts, Tribunals & Judiciary
  12. Employment
  13. Energy & Natural Resources
  14. Environmental
  15. Estates & Trusts
  16. Family
  17. Food and Drug
  18. Government Affairs, Public Finance and Procurement
  19. Immigration
  20. Insolvency and Bankruptcy
  21. Insurance
  22. International Trade & Investment
  23. Land Use Development and Regulatory Law
  24. Landlord and Tenant
  25. Liquor/Marijuana Licensing
  26. Litigation
  27. Media, Entertainment & Licensing
  28. Mergers and Acquisitions
  29. Offshore
  30. Partnership
  31. Practice Management
  32. Real Estate
  33. Securities
  34. Tax
  35. Telecommunications
  36. Trusts and Estates

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Treinta y Tres 1271,
CP 11000 Montevideo
(598) 2916 0310
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