The Courts of Space

Guest Speaker: Amna al Owais, Chief Registrar of the DIFC Courts, UAE

Thursday 25 May 2023, at 10:00

A unique opportunity for members of MI to learn about a ground-breaking initiative, ‘The Courts of Space,’ guest speaker, Amna al Owais, Chief Registrar of the DIFC Courts. 

The UAE’s DIFC Courts administers a unique English-language common law system – offering swift, independent justice to settle local and international commercial or civil disputes. The Courts, based in Dubai, provide certainty through transparent, enforceable judgments from internationally-recognised judges, who adhere to the highest global legal standards. The DIFC Courts is independent from, but complementary to, the UAE’s Arabic-language civil law system, offering a choice that strengthens both processes while ensuring public access to world-class justice.

The DIFC Courts’ jurisdiction is open to businesses from across the GCC region and beyond to provide the international business community with access to one of the most advanced commercial courts in the world.

In 2021, the DIFC Courts and the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) embarked on a Courts of the Future initiative, Courts of Space. The launch of the project signals to the international space community the intent of the UAE to play a leading role in advancing its judicial systems to specifically direct capacity and capability to commercial space-related disputes. 

The Courts of Space initiative has three main objectives: an international working group of public and private sector bodies and experts, tasked with exploring space-related legal innovations and providing an outlook on potential outcomes of scenarios revolving around space-related disputes, a Space Dispute Guide encompassing a set of guidelines to support such space-related disputes and the parallel training of judges to become space-related dispute experts after having received courses on space regulations by international bodies and regional agencies.

You will be able to gain insight into this fascinating initiative and potential opportunities surrounding it.

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