Sustainable Profitability for Mid-Sized Law Firms - with Walker Clark

27th February 5.00am GMT and 3.00pm GMT

Tuesday 27 Feb 2024, at 05:00

The squeeze on your finances is on - and from all different sides.

So how do you plan to sustain your firm's profitability with all these pressures?

Are you 100% sure that your firm is not leaving money on the table, let alone out in the street?

This is what we’ll tackle with leading business consultants, Walker Clark on 27th February.

If you’re a Managing Partner, Equity Partner, part of the Senior Leadership Team and focused on the profitability of your firm, then you should attend this session.

We will look at the six classic drivers of law firm profitability against the backdrop of an ever-changing legal landscape - changes which are only accelerating. 

You will hear about new applications of traditional principles which will not only improve your profitability now but will sustain that profitability through the inevitable disruptions to come.

To ensure that everyone across the MI network can benefit, we are offering two opportunities to join these important sessions:

‘Eastern Session’ on 27th February, 5.00am GMT

[9.00am Dubai, 10.30am Mumbai, 1.00pm Singapore / HK / Taipei, 2.00pm Tokyo, 4.00pm Adelaide, 6.00pm Auckland]

‘Western Session’ on 27th February, 3.00pm  GMT

[7.00am Los Angeles/Vancouver, 9.00am Chicago, 10.00am Lima, 11.00am New York, 12.00 noon Sao Paulo, 3.00pm London, 4.00pm Lagos & Paris, 5.00pm Cape Town, 6.00pm Istanbul]

If you wish to attend one of these sessions, please email Meryl on and cc Keith Heddle.

Places are limited so we encourage early responses.