Staying calm & responding effectively in a cyber crisis

Thursday 25 Apr 2024, at 15:30

In the current environment of daily data breaches and cyber-attacks, cyber experts The TrustBridge (TTB) will join us on 25th April to highlight real life examples of what can go wrong, what has worked well, what remains uncertain and what practical steps to take to mitigate risk for your firm.

TTB will walk through the extract of a cyber incident response scenario and give real-time perspectives from the viewpoint of forensic investigation and mitigation, legal, cyber insurance, and law enforcement considerations.

They will discuss what decisions will need to be made by senior lawyers and the Executive whilst under pressure, their consequences, how to determine priorities, how to recover and, perhaps more importantly, what not to do.

They will also examine:

  • Risk mitigation policy and procedures: implementation and practical application

  • ncident Response - escalation / what is the best team / external resource

  • Forensic investigation versus Business Continuity

  • Cost Benefit analysis for response, considering the legal issues

  • Crisis Communication: internal and external / data subjects and regulator

  • Cyber Insurance: exclusions

  • WISP / Security Questionnaires/ Data Due diligence– and their place in contract negotiations to help protect the 3rd party chain

  • Legal responsibility to clients / customers / shareholders

  • Training: staff and senior executives

  • Register for this important session on 25th April at 3.30pm UK BST.

The registration link is here: - once registered, you’ll be able to add it to your calendar.