Promoting the ‘Golden Visa’ – Global Mobility Opportunities

10th April, 11am UK GMT

Wednesday 10 Apr 2024, at 11:00

Many countries across the world run ‘Golden Visa’ schemes to attract High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) to invest significant sums and buy real estate in the country, in return for a residency visa.

And many of our firms are actively involved in the ‘paperwork’ and legal aspects of these Visas (and then the subsequent work generated).

On 10th April, we will hold an open call alongside colleagues from MGI Worldwide (our ‘sister’ accountancy network) for firms to promote their Visa programmes, connect with others and see what opportunities there might be.

If you are interested in promoting a so-called Golden Visa scheme (or the like) join us on 10thApril at 11 am UK GMT

Meeting ID: 890 1165 6097   ;   Passcode: 685781

For further information please contact MI HQ