Opportunities in Global Mobility

A joint MI/MGI session

Thursday 09 Nov 2023, at 16:00

Mutterings about the death of globalisation and increased regionalisation have so far proved unfounded (well, mostly so…).

We are still seeing significant movements of people, for professional and/or personal reasons, sometimes accelerated by geopolitical shifts, sometimes driven by business or personal imperatives.

Employment contracts, immigration issues and tax compliance and optimisation are just some of the basic issues facing people and companies on the move; with so many of the legal and accounting elements going hand-in-hand, this is an opportunity for the MGI Worldwide Global Mobility Group and the Mackrell International Employment/Labor and Immigration Practice Groups to meet and explore opportunities to collaborate and increase business.

In the (virtual) session, we’ll connect and look to find where the key opportunities are and potentially, how best to raise awareness with clients.

Please diarise it and do join us on Thursday 9th November at 4pm UK GMT (the session will be recorded for those in APAC or who can’t make it).

The session is going to be set up by MGI Worldwide, so if you would like to join, please email Nicki Lynn nicki.lynn@mgiworld.com, so she can set you up on their system.

Any queries, please contact Nicki nicki.lynn@mgiworld.com or me keith.heddle@mackrell.net.