More Success, Faster - without doing any ‘selling’ whatsoever

With award-winning trainer Andy Bounds

Tuesday 10 Sep 2024, 15:00 - 16:00

I have some good news.

As you know - success is great to have, but it isn’t easy to get.

We all want to do more of the work we enjoy and is profitable and less of the work we don’t. 

Which means – for many of us – we want to do more work, without having the discomfort of ‘selling’. 

But, if we want to do more client work, we have to do more selling – right?


Instead - and this is the good news – there are some simple ways you can be more successful more quickly … without having to ‘sell’. 

And this MI value-added/CPD session will show you everything you need to know, to master this. 

For example, our trainer Andy Bounds (more on him below) will give you new skills and confidence to:

  • Use the simple two-word phrase that triggers new opportunities every time

  • Find new opportunities to help existing clients – in ways that make them grateful, not ‘sold to’

  • Raise new areas where you can add value, during a pleasant, valuable conversation – not an awkward, sales-y one

  • Learn new ways to impress and influence your clients and colleagues

  • Save yourself time (these new techniques are much quicker than what you do now)


So, if you’re a lawyer looking to build your book of business (whatever ‘age and stage’ you are at) – or a business professional looking to help your lawyers do that, this session is for you.

We have asked international, award-winning trainer Andy Bounds to come back to MI and deliver this session for you because:

  • He is the best we’ve seen at teaching lawyers new ways to be more successful, more quickly

  • His previous sessions with us have led to some of the best feedback we have ever had

  • You will come away with at least 2-3 simple, practical things you can do immediately to be more successful

  • He was voted Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year

  • His three books on impactful communication are all international best-sellers (in fact, one of them was only kept off the Amazon #1 spot by the final Harry Potter book!)

  • And – his mother is blind. This has given him a lifetime’s experience of communicating effectively from someone else’s point of view – a critical skill for all lawyers.

Andy’s webinars tend to be over-subscribed.  So, do confirm your place and register early. 

Date:  10th September 2024

Timing: 3pm UK BST – one hour and worth every minute of your time

Price: All part of your MI membership – and continued CPD

This hour could make a big difference to (1) your success and (2) how quickly you achieve it – in fact, you will quickly recoup the hour invested in this webinar in the time savings it gives you.

We’re excited to welcome Andy back to work with us again. And I look forward to seeing you at our webinar.  The link again to confirm your place: