MI/MGI Marketing Group Call - Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe

9.00 am UK BST and 16.30 am BST

Thursday 15 Jun 2023, at 00:00

ChatGPT and Bard are bringing powerful technologies into mainstream use and making a big impact on the accounting profession. What do you need to know and are you ready to put these technologies to work for you in a strategic and effective way? In his presentation and interactive discussion forum, independent IT consultant Jeremy Hyman Jeremy Hyman Associates will provide an update and his insights on the current big trends in artificial intelligence.

Join us to hear Jeremy describe these systems In plain English and outline their relevance to accountancy practices. Jeremy will then facilitate a discussion to help us determine which strategies our firms can adopt to harness these technologies in the short to medium term.

Having recently experimented with using AI to assist with a presentation, Karen Ng, CFO Advisory, MGI South Qld Pty Ltd https://www.mgisq.com.au/ will join us to share her experience.

Are you starting to experiment with content using ChatGPT? Do you have views on this topic?

As this is an exciting new ‘hot topic’ we are holding the call at two times 9.00 am UK BST and 16.30 am BST to allow for attendance from all time zones.

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Please prepare your views and questions in advance.

For further information contact Mackrell International HQ mackrell.hq@mackrell.net