MI Estates & Trusts Practice Group Call

8th March at 4 pm UK GMT

Wednesday 08 Mar 2023, at 16:00

We are pleased to announce the first Estates & Trusts PG Call of 2023 introducing our new PG Chairs, Denise Chambliss and Tim Maximoff from Hoge Fenton in San Francisco, California.

 The Agenda below is planned to set up a plan of activities, events and discussion points to roll out in 2023.

 Join us to prepare:

  • Introduction of new joint Chairs – Denise Chambliss and Tim Maximoff, Hoge Fenton, San Francisco, California

  • Introduction of Attendees

  • New Chairs outline of working and development of the Practice Group

  • Group discussion on programme for the year

  • Regularity of calls – set dates

  • Suggested discussion points and identification of recent ‘hot topics’ for focus

  • Suggested Speakers

  • Suggested Webinars

  • Suggested resource development

Please us the following code to join the Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 820 5460 7417   ;   Passcode: 212825

For further information please contact Tim tim.maximoff@hogefenton.com and Denise denise.chambliss@hogefenton.com