MI Bankruptcy PG - Networking + Crisis Communications and Marketing

Two sessions, Wednesday 18th January, 13.00 UK GMT and 16.30 UK GMT (Guest speaker)

Wednesday 08 Feb 2023, 13:00 - 16:30

Join us in for opportunity to network and seek opportunities with other MI Bankruptcy & Insolvency lawyers around the world – plus, learn from our Guest Speaker, Linda McDonough, Managing Director of 50 Words, on crisis communications and marketing.

As usual, there will be two sessions to accommodate different time zones worldwide.  The sessions will be moderated by MI Practice Group leader, Ray Patella from Javerbaum Wurgaft in New Jersey.

To join the 13.00pm call


Meeting ID: 890 3002 9816   ;   Passcode: 495686

To join the 16.30 pm call


Meeting ID: 881 2211 7786   ;   Passcode: 419854