MI AI Insights Group - AI Use Policies

with Justin Daniels - Tuesday 02 Apr 2024, at 14:30

Tuesday 02 Apr 2024, at 14:30

Our next AI Call of 2024 is 2nd April at 2.30 pm UK GMT with Speaker Justin Daniels from Baker Donelson in Georgia.

Justin’s topic is a subject close to the heart of all law firms as AI takes off in the legal sector:

AI use/ Workshopping use cases for AI use policies

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In the second half of the call, we’ll open to floor to questions and discussion on the issues raised.

Our MI AI Insights group calls are fixed on discussing and refining the AI-related issues necessary to provide client-focused answers in this industry. Over the long term, this means digging into, regularly revising understandings, and learning about these issues:

  1. AI Landscape: What can a company buy? What’s just hype? What client business models and internal use cases are being pursued right now?

  2. AI Use: How do we use it? What are the best internal policies? How should clients manage data security and privacy? What are the professional issues around AI use in law firms?

  3. AI Rule: What are the AI-specific regulations? Is global regulation fragmenting? What are the applications of product liability? Commercial terms? Copyright rulings? IPR (dataset sourcing, copyright liabilities)?

  4. AI Capabilities: What can it do right now? How can we confirm performance metrics? test benchmarks and performance? How do we balance liabilities for hallucinations and other quality of service issues?

  5. AI Inside: How does it work? Where might it be next year? What are next year’s risks of harmful content, and risks related to model biases (for individuals or for classes)? Can AI itself ever be held accountable?

In future calls, we will continue to share experience to refine our understanding of AI-related issues:

Apr 2 – Justin Daniels (Baker Donelson) / AI Use / Workshopping use cases for AI use policies

May 7 – Live at the MI AGM in San Francisco!

Watch this space for more to come https://www.mackrell.net/events