Master Class on the Fundamentals of Prompt Engineering for Lawyers

29th and 30th November and 13th and 14th December

Wednesday 29 Nov 2023, at 00:00

Mackrell International are partnering with AltaClaro for a ground-breakingvirtual Master Class on the Fundamentals of Prompt Engineering for Lawyers in a training program designed to help lawyers leverage Generative AI tools in their legal practice.  The first, introductory session kicks off the programme on 29th November

As with all AltaClaro courses, the prompt engineering training is built on an experiential, learn-by-doing framework made up of three main components in three separate sessions:

  1. Short videos and exercises. Participants watch up to an hour-and-a-half of short (seven to 10-minute videos) featuring experts instructing on the topic, with assessments or short practical exercises along the way. 

  2. Mock client practical component. Participants get hands-on experience with a simulated, real-world assignment. 

  3. Live Feedback session. Participants turn in their assignments to expert instructors and participate in a live Zoom group review session to go over results, ask questions, and get a deeper explanation of the how and why of the assignment requirements, emulating real-world scenarios as closely as possible. 

For further information please contact MI HQ